For the Love 2014 | {Elkton, Oregon}

This past week I traveled back to the Big K ranch, a place I first visited in 2010 for my first For the Love Workshop. I was excited to know we'd be back in one of the most beautiful valleys I've ever seen. Back in the lodge surrounded by friends and our FTL family. Back to find rest and community and take in the late mornings and late night conversations by the campfire. Each time I attend the current year seems to somehow exceed the past and I can say that even though it continues to get harder to outdo the previous year... this one did just that. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0027

Maybe it's because I grew up far removed from civilization.. but my heart truly finds rest and peace taking in the beauty of the countryside, the mountains and when there's nothing but nature surrounding me. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0028 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0029 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0030 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0031oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0033 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0034 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0035 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0036

I thought the Oregon Fog was something they experience in the Fall (when I'd visited previously) but was excited to see that it's foggy there in February too. The fog mixed with the mountains and the trees is just so beautiful. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0037 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0038 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0039oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0041 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0042 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0043

This is "Dash" she's one of the most focused dogs I've ever met. She loved to chase rocks and pebbles. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0044 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0045

You could throw a stone or pebble into the grass or field or down the road and she'd come back with the exact same stone. It was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0046 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0047 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0048 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0049


The following photos are compliments of my iPhone. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0074 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0075

The ranch is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It's here I spent time with old friends and met new ones. We enjoyed three course dinners and divinely delicious breakfast and lunches thanks to 2 of the most generous and hard working cooks (they don't like the term chef) I've ever met. Cody and Dustin and their labor of love they poured into our food last week was divine. Every meal was more delicious than the last and left us always anxiously awaiting the next meal. (just a sampling of the meals below by my iphone)


This year about half of the group took a little weekend adventure to Cannon Beach. We traveled through snow, ice and rain to get there Friday night. Came in under the cover of darkness and after hours of driving through spotty road conditions we were relieved to arrive- safe and sound. In the cover of darkness we could hear the ocean but couldn't see anything. I knew we were close to the ocean but this was the view and the first thing I saw as I awoke from a night on the sofa. Incredible right!? I was absolutely in awe. (I called dibs on the sofa again.. just so I could have this view!) oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0071


This was Cannon and Haystack Rocks on Cannon Beach.oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0059 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0058 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0062 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0064 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0063

This is the view to the right of the house we stayed at. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0065 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0068

This is our view from the patio out front. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0067

The first morning I went for a little adventure and wanted to climb the mountain. It was raining and freezing outside.. but I was determined to get a fresh perspective of the beach. Little did I know that would mean crossing a creek with water colder than I've ever experienced (cold that causes an instant numbing sensation) and carefully making my way up the crevasses of the front of this rock but it was absolutely fantastic. Thrilling and absolute beauty once I got up above the water. I didn't go to the top and I wish I'd had taken my camera... but my friend that was on the lookout below shot these for me. oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0069

They said this was the first time in more than 30 years they'd had snow on this beach and we got to experience it! oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0070 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0076

Just a few of the faces of friends, new and old that are near and dear to my heart. I love each and everyone of you! oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0078 oregon_for_the_love_workshop_0079What a week. Incredible, life changing, recharging and refreshing week. I can't wait until next year! A HUGE thank you goes out to Ginny, Jeff and Erin, Melissa and Jonathan for their leadership and Cody and Dustin for spoiling us rotten cooking ridiculously good meals.