Operation Engagement Session | {Lisa and Kevin}

She was a Captain and he was so concerned about loosing his job and a lower ranking officer he missed all her less than subtle hints.. like invitations to come to dinner, daily pictures of her dog, you know.. the signs saying, a girl trying really hard to tell this cute guy, "I like you!" Their units trained together and they first met in Texas but then were moved to California where they continued their training there. It was until they hit the West coast that she really began to notice him and try to gain his attention. Thankfully for him she wasn't giving up too easy and finally obliged to come over for dinner. What they mark as "the great cornbread incident" was actually the first time this mid-Western girl cooked a Southern meal (trying to impress her Southern guy). Needless to say it was more Cajun than Southern and quite spicy and the cornbread pretty flat and hard. The dinner was a flop but their connection immediately sparked and it was then he started taking this girl a little more seriously.

Their laughter is contagious. Their love is strong and they bring out the lighter side of each other personalities. It was a chilly afternoon but the sun was shining and we were all SO thankful! I love that these two not only some of our countries finest but it's a part of their family heritage and something that's literally in their blood. I find it quite appropriate they dressed in red, white and blue- I don't know if it's intentional but as I'm going to share these with you- any other outfit choices just wouldn't have been quite right.

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I just loved all of these and couldn't choose a favorite. 54_Lisa_Kevin_esession 56_Lisa_Kevin_esession63_Lisa_Kevin_esession 65_Lisa_Kevin_esession 69_Lisa_Kevin_esession76_Lisa_Kevin_esession80_Lisa_Kevin_esession 87_Lisa_Kevin_esession 93_Lisa_Kevin_esession 98_Lisa_Kevin_esession

If she ever falls.. here's the proof he'll be there to catch her. 102_Lisa_Kevin_esession

One of my favorites. 104_Lisa_Kevin_esession111_Lisa_Kevin_esession 114_Lisa_Kevin_esession 115_Lisa_Kevin_esession123_Lisa_Kevin_esession125_Lisa_Kevin_esession130_Lisa_Kevin_esession134_Lisa_Kevin_esession 137_Lisa_Kevin_esession 140_Lisa_Kevin_esession 147_Lisa_Kevin_esession 149_Lisa_Kevin_esession 152_Lisa_Kevin_esession 157_Lisa_Kevin_esession

The pictures in the frames are of their respective grandfathers while they were in the military.  158_Lisa_Kevin_esession 160_Lisa_Kevin_esessionLisa and Kevin- thanks so much for being yourselves and sharing your story with me. I'm so excited to see you again this Summer and to meet your families. It's going to be such a great time!!

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