Sharing the City with 1,000 of their closest friends | {Drew and Lindsay}

Lindsay and Drew wanted a "city feel" to their engagement session and so we hit the streets of Chattanooga, their city, a city they've come to love. You may have seen these two fabulous individuals on TV. They met just after college while they were both just getting their feet wet in the media/television world. They are now anchors for competing stations, Drew anchoring for ABC and Lindsay being a sports producer for NBC. Being the first pretty weekend of the year, you can imagine the streets were packed. At times it felt more like New York City but these two were totally cool with it and decided having a few strangers in the background only added to the "city feel".

We had such a great time exploring the city, finding coves of beautiful light, fun backgrounds and laughing each time a screaming child went by. On more than one occasion the said parent of the screaming baby made a comment to these two about kids, birth control and asking if they were ready for "this". You'll see their reactions in the pictures to come.. some of these moments being absolutely, priceless.

I'm so excited to see them get married at Foxhall this year, undoubtedly we're going to have a great time, the wedding will be gorgeous and these two will finally be husband and wife!


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chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0013 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0014 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0015 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0016

They each have the same expression (nearly), what I'd give to know what was being said! chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0017 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0018

chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0021 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0022

Screaming child #1chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0023 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0024 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0025 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0026

Loved this.chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0027chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0029 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0030 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0031 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0032 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0033

Sooo pretty!chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0034 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0035

Screaming child #3. chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0036 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0037 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0038 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0039 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0040 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0041 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0042 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0043 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0044

By far my favorite picture of the night. Perfection.chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0045 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0046 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0047 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0048 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0049chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0051

These two are so much fun and I think Drew's favorite thing to do (besides kiss her) is to dip her. chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0052 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0053 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0054 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0055 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0056 chattanooga_engagement_pictures_downtown_0057

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