2013 Recap | {Annie and Toby}

Washington and Peoria Illinois have become a second home to me over the last 2 years. Washington is a tiny town that recently made the headlines in November with the F4 tornado that ravished through the little community but it was in the dead of Winter that I met a special family and documented one of their daughters weddings... a cold Winter day that would eventually lead me to making a return several more times in the months thereafter. I met Toby at the second wedding I shot in Washington, on a very HOT July afternoon. During the course of the day someone had mentioned he'd come from the hospital to stand with his friend while he got married because his little boy had been born prematurely. As I left the reception that evening I found Toby and followed through with what had been laid on my heart.. and that was to offer to do pictures for his family in the NICU.

So before we left town we visited Toby and met Annie and little Gunnar. Little being less than 2lbs. He was tiny but so perfect. We scrubbed into the NICU then proceeded to do a little photo session these in Gunnar's room. It's an afternoon I'll never forget. What I loved most though was the time we got to share in the hospital cafeteria with these two.. hearing about their story and their journey through love and what lied ahead with Gunnar.

This Spring Peoria experienced a 100 year flood and with water all the way into the parking lot of the Marina Annie and Toby weren't sure if their wedding would go as planned. Thankfully the flood waters subsided and the wedding went as planned. It was such a beautiful backdrop (rainclouds and all)! Though it felt as if the bottom would drop out of the clouds at any point throughout the day it wasn't util late into the reception that it started pouring.

These two have such a beautiful story. They've already faced so much in life together and yet are two of the sweetest and have the most positive and upbeat attitudes of anyone I know. I'm so glad I got to share in their day with them.. enjoy a few of my favorites.

peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00171 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00201 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00331 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00371 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00381 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00441 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00501

Due to the flood the boats hadn't been docked in the marina yet- but it's still beautiful! peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00511 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00541-649x1024

Would you believe this boy less than a year before was less than 2lbs! peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00561-649x1024 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00591peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00711 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00771

Thank you guys for being brave enough to go out into the rain and COLD... totally worth it! peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00861 peoria_waterside_wedding_marina_wedding_pictures_00891-814x600

Thank you from the bottom of my little heart. My life has been absolutely blessed knowing you guys. You'll have to come visit Atlanta sometime. :)

More of their wedding story can be viewed here.