Audra and Wes | {Crystal River Wedding Photographer}

What a way to start the wedding season of 2014! Where to begin... Months ago Rebecca (Audra's sister) went searching for some "cowboy" fabric for her soon to be son's nursery. She stumbled upon an Etsy store my parents (who live in Nebraska) have. Rebecca mentioned she was getting into photography which lead them to sharing my site and Audra, her mom, her mother in law, and sister so happened to be on their way to Atlanta that weekend to go dress shopping... which lead them to my studio. Last year while in Florida I got to help them process cattle and have been eager since that day to return to see them and be a part of Audra and Wes' wedding!

The day arrived, the sky was clear and it was sunny. A perfect day for a wedding on the coast. It's not every day you show up and find your bride climbing into the attic but this is exactly what I saw as I walked in... Audra and her sister are the "get it done" type of girls so they were working to resolve the water heating issues.

March 15th wasn't only Audra and Wes' special day but it was the 28 years before to the day that her mother and father were married. Though I've never had the privilege to meet her father as he passed four years ago, the connection, love, and smiles these women continue to carry and share with others touches everyone around them. I know on this day he would have been most proud of his beautiful daughter and equally touched as her mama to see her wear the same dress she wore 28 years years before.

What a beautiful day of celebration, love and tears it was and such an incredible honor to be a part of it all. Audra and Wes- I can't thank you enough for the joy it was to share in this weekend with you. Thank you for welcoming us in as family and for all your grace and love. I love you both! xoxo

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This was her mama's wedding dress... slightly tailored to fit Audra. florida_wedding_photographer_0002 florida_wedding_photographer_0003 florida_wedding_photographer_0004 florida_wedding_photographer_0005 florida_wedding_photographer_0006

Her invitations and the envelopes were made of wood! They were so beautiful and unique!florida_wedding_photographer_0007 florida_wedding_photographer_0008 florida_wedding_photographer_0009 florida_wedding_photographer_0010 florida_wedding_photographer_0011

Look closely.. it's more than just a couple of pretty bouquets! florida_wedding_photographer_0012

For her something blue- she cut a heart out of her daddy's old pair of blue jeans. florida_wedding_photographer_0013 florida_wedding_photographer_0014 florida_wedding_photographer_0015 florida_wedding_photographer_0016 florida_wedding_photographer_0017 florida_wedding_photographer_0018florida_wedding_photographer_0020 florida_wedding_photographer_0021 florida_wedding_photographer_0022 florida_wedding_photographer_0023


Her mama's dress was absolutely stunning.. and it was when she put it on she knew this was the dress she'd be married in.florida_wedding_photographer_0024florida_wedding_photographer_0026 florida_wedding_photographer_0027

florida_wedding_photographer_0025 florida_wedding_photographer_0028 florida_wedding_photographer_0029 florida_wedding_photographer_0030 florida_wedding_photographer_0031 florida_wedding_photographer_0032 florida_wedding_photographer_0033 florida_wedding_photographer_0034 florida_wedding_photographer_0035 florida_wedding_photographer_0036

The "party" dress was equally as beautiful. florida_wedding_photographer_0037 florida_wedding_photographer_0038 florida_wedding_photographer_0039 florida_wedding_photographer_0040 florida_wedding_photographer_0041 florida_wedding_photographer_0042 florida_wedding_photographer_0043 florida_wedding_photographer_0044 florida_wedding_photographer_0045florida_wedding_photographer_0115 florida_wedding_photographer_0116florida_wedding_photographer_0047 florida_wedding_photographer_0048 florida_wedding_photographer_0049 florida_wedding_photographer_0050 florida_wedding_photographer_0051 florida_wedding_photographer_0052 florida_wedding_photographer_0053 florida_wedding_photographer_0054 florida_wedding_photographer_0055 florida_wedding_photographer_0056 florida_wedding_photographer_0057 florida_wedding_photographer_0058 florida_wedding_photographer_0059 florida_wedding_photographer_0060 florida_wedding_photographer_0061 florida_wedding_photographer_0062 florida_wedding_photographer_0063 florida_wedding_photographer_0064 florida_wedding_photographer_0065 florida_wedding_photographer_0066 florida_wedding_photographer_0067 florida_wedding_photographer_0068 florida_wedding_photographer_0069 florida_wedding_photographer_0070 florida_wedding_photographer_0071

Wes' father also passed when he was a young, so they had a tree with pictures of the men they love so much. florida_wedding_photographer_0072 florida_wedding_photographer_0073 florida_wedding_photographer_0074 florida_wedding_photographer_0075 florida_wedding_photographer_0076 florida_wedding_photographer_0077

florida_wedding_photographer_0089 florida_wedding_photographer_0079 florida_wedding_photographer_0080

florida_wedding_photographer_0078 florida_wedding_photographer_0081 florida_wedding_photographer_0082 florida_wedding_photographer_0083

florida_wedding_photographer_0088 florida_wedding_photographer_0084 florida_wedding_photographer_0085florida_wedding_photographer_0087florida_wedding_photographer_0090 florida_wedding_photographer_0091 florida_wedding_photographer_0092 florida_wedding_photographer_0096 florida_wedding_photographer_0097 florida_wedding_photographer_0098 florida_wedding_photographer_0099 florida_wedding_photographer_0100

The love these two share is undeniable. So many emotions and tears shared by all. florida_wedding_photographer_0101 florida_wedding_photographer_0102 florida_wedding_photographer_0103

florida_wedding_photographer_0105 florida_wedding_photographer_0104florida_wedding_photographer_0106 florida_wedding_photographer_0107

florida_wedding_photographer_0111 florida_wedding_photographer_0108 florida_wedding_photographer_0109So much more to be shared... I just couldn't narrow it down to one post so you'll have to come back Friday to see the rest!