Audra and Wes II | {Crystal River Wedding Photographer}

If you missed the first half of Audra and Wes' story go here.. we had the most perfect day, beautiful light and a group of absolutely amazing family and friends to create some of my favorite pictures of all time.

I absolutely love traveling and though I've traveled all over the US and abroad to document some of the most beautiful and heartfelt weddings this was the first time I'd shot a wedding in Florida. Needless to say.. I'll go back anytime! The light was absolutely gorgeous... I couldn't get enough. It was soft and beautiful and divine- much like California. Pair that with a couple in love, surrounded by their most beautiful friends and family and my heart was very, very happy indeed.

I truly hope this is an indication to how 2014 is going to be.. if so it's going to be absolutely GRAND.

After the ceremony and as the sun began to find its way down the horizon we hopped a fence (literally) and went exploring in some trees... I can't express how grateful I am for my couples and their families and their absolute and complete trust in me and my vision(s). When presented with the idea they simply smiled and said, "Whatever is going to make the prettiest pictures, we trust you." Gosh- I'm a lucky girl.

So not only did the bridal party come into the Florida "woods" their families did as well and as a result those pictures are absolutely divine as well! Audra and Wes- I can't thank you enough and look forward to seeing you again very soon. Is it time for another trip to Florida yet!?

Ok I could go on but I'll let the imagery tell the rest of their story. Such a perfect day. Such wonderful friends and to you- Audra and Wes.. I love you dearly. I can't wait to get back to Florida again!

To be notified when the pictures from Audra and Wes's Wedding Pictures are ready to view simply click here. florida_wedding_photographer_0119 florida_wedding_photographer_0120 florida_wedding_photographer_0121 florida_wedding_photographer_0122 florida_wedding_photographer_0123 florida_wedding_photographer_0124 florida_wedding_photographer_0125 florida_wedding_photographer_0126 florida_wedding_photographer_0127 florida_wedding_photographer_0128 florida_wedding_photographer_0129 florida_wedding_photographer_0130 florida_wedding_photographer_0131 florida_wedding_photographer_0132florida_wedding_photographer_0134

These two are champs. They did anything that was asked of them... anything. Wes doesn't even like pictures and he proceeded with a smile on his face. I hope he agrees that all the "pictures" were worth it. :) The bugs got pretty bad close to sunset.. but they never complained once. When Audra saw this in the back of the camera.. she said, "that was SO worth it". florida_wedding_photographer_0135

Sunspots? Nope.. just some Florida bugs. florida_wedding_photographer_0136

My absolutely favorite set of pictures from the day. florida_wedding_photographer_0137 florida_wedding_photographer_0138 florida_wedding_photographer_0139 florida_wedding_photographer_0140 florida_wedding_photographer_0141 florida_wedding_photographer_0142 florida_wedding_photographer_0143 florida_wedding_photographer_0144 florida_wedding_photographer_0145 florida_wedding_photographer_0146 florida_wedding_photographer_0147 florida_wedding_photographer_0148 florida_wedding_photographer_0149florida_wedding_photographer_0152florida_wedding_photographer_0154 florida_wedding_photographer_0155 florida_wedding_photographer_0156 florida_wedding_photographer_0157 florida_wedding_photographer_0158 florida_wedding_photographer_0159 florida_wedding_photographer_0160 florida_wedding_photographer_0161 florida_wedding_photographer_0162


Favorite first dance picture.. ever. florida_wedding_photographer_0213 florida_wedding_photographer_0163 florida_wedding_photographer_0164 florida_wedding_photographer_0166 florida_wedding_photographer_0167 florida_wedding_photographer_0168 florida_wedding_photographer_0169 florida_wedding_photographer_0170 florida_wedding_photographer_0171 florida_wedding_photographer_0172 florida_wedding_photographer_0173 florida_wedding_photographer_0174florida_wedding_photographer_0176 florida_wedding_photographer_0177 florida_wedding_photographer_0178 florida_wedding_photographer_0179 florida_wedding_photographer_0180 florida_wedding_photographer_0181 florida_wedding_photographer_0182 florida_wedding_photographer_0183 florida_wedding_photographer_0184


florida_wedding_photographer_0185 florida_wedding_photographer_0186

She was serious about having ALL her single friends on the dance floor.florida_wedding_photographer_0187

florida_wedding_photographer_0188 florida_wedding_photographer_0189 florida_wedding_photographer_0190 florida_wedding_photographer_0191 florida_wedding_photographer_0192 florida_wedding_photographer_0193 florida_wedding_photographer_0194 florida_wedding_photographer_0195 florida_wedding_photographer_0196 florida_wedding_photographer_0197 florida_wedding_photographer_0198

And she (Audra) rocks at Swing dancing too. :)florida_wedding_photographer_0199 florida_wedding_photographer_0200 florida_wedding_photographer_0201 florida_wedding_photographer_0203 florida_wedding_photographer_0204 florida_wedding_photographer_0206

florida_wedding_photographer_0215 florida_wedding_photographer_0207 florida_wedding_photographer_0208florida_wedding_photographer_0210

When the sun finally decided to set it was absolutely beautiful. florida_wedding_photographer_0211