2013 Recap | {Megan and Rob}

It was an absolutely perfect day for an outdoor wedding with one of the prettiest views I've ever seen for a ceremony this side of the Mississippi. Seriously, Foxhall is an absolutely stunning venue and has quickly become a favorite. This wedding day was made most special by the people present. Megan and her family welcomed us as their own and Rob's family were just as sweet and delightful to meet and capture in photographs as well. Megan is a fighter and Rob has stood beside her through thick and thin. She's a survivor of leukemia not once but twice and yet she doesn't let that define her. It's a part of her story but if you met her on the street you'd have no idea the life she's already lived nor the journey she's walked. She's such a sweet and humble person and is always looking after others and putting their needs before her own.

Megan's color theme was my favorite of 2013. It was so elegant and romantic. The soft pinks paired with the gold and navy blue made me swoon with delight. The reception details came together SO beautifully and the day ran without a hitch much to the compliments of their fabulous planner Callie of We Tie the Knots. 

foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00163 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00173 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00253

I'm still in love with this image captured by Rachel. foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00382 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00421 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00481 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00551 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00691 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00701

One of the most beautiful views I've ever seen.foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00771 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00791 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00851 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00881 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00951 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_00991 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01011-649x1024

As I was taking the family portraits I caught this sweet moment taking place behind me. The sun was beginning to set and the bugs were coming out.. so he was assuring his wife would be skeeter free that night. foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01021 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01081 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01111 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01131 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01241 foxhall_wedding_outdoor_wedding_pictures_megan_rob_we_tie_the_knots_01291Thank you both for the honor of being a part of your story. It was an honor and a day I'll not soon forget. Much Love! xoxo


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