Katie and Zach | {Cartersville Engagement Pictures}

Oh my goodness. From Katie's first email forward- this girl had me excited. She used to work with one of my favorite planners (The Season) and it was finally her turn to be the bride! I met her and Zach at her grandparent's house. They have a gorgeous backyard with a waterfall and the neighbors hadn't cut their grass yet so if you know me- you'd know I was pretty excited! So many times I work with couples who love each other but one of them doesn't really love cameras, pictures or the act of taking pictures. Well that is until they meet me. ;) Really though. I love to focus on the relationship, on the couple and it takes all the pressure and awkwardness out of "a camera pointed towards you" and captures the essence of your love and relationship. After seeing her sneak peeks Katie sent me an email, "You are truly gifted, not just in photography, but in working with people as well! I've never seen Zach so comfortable around a camera. It was like magic! We had so much fun on Saturday and can't wait until the wedding!" I just like to call it, my "camera magic".

These two met at Berry College. She was a freshman and he was a Senior and they both worked at Oak Hill. They met but it wasn't until they happened to have a couple of hours together at work several times a week that their friendship really started to form. With time this guy realized he wanted to take this girl on a date.. And without making it too obvious he planned something special to surprise her.

From Katie, "To be honest, I didn't really know that our first date was a date until it was in progress, but I had my suspicions. Zach and I decided to go to lunch one Sunday afternoon, so he came and picked me up at my dorm and we started driving. He asked if I minded leaving Rome for lunch, and I told him I didn't care. After some back and forth, we ended up at one of our favorite restaurants, the OK Café in Atlanta. We had both grown up with OK Café, so it was a cool thing to bond over. When lunch was over, he paid and we got back in the car. The whole time, I thought we had ended up there by accident, but he reached in the door pocket and pulled out Google Maps directions for my favorite frozen yogurt joint in Buckhead. He had everything planned the whole time, but was playing coy to keep me in the dark! It was so sweet. We had froyo and drove back to Berry where we spend the rest of the day watching (500) Days of Summer"

Yep- the rest is history!

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Thank you Katie and Zach for trusting me with such a special day. I can't wait to see you guys get married!! Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0001 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0002 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0003 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0004 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0005 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0006 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0007 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0008 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0009 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0010 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0011 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0012 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0013 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0014 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0015 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0016 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0017 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0018 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0019 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0020 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0021 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0022 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0023 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0024 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0025 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0026 Katie_zach_esession_pictures_cartersville_ga_0027