Run for ONE | 5K for Wellspring Living

It's been months, maybe even a year or two since I entered to run a race but when this one hit my inbox and I saw I had that Saturday free I signed up immediately. As many of you know I've been actively involved in the fight against sex trafficking here in Atlanta for the past 18 months and I've seen first hand the pain, hurt, frustration and scars these girls carry with them as a result of being sold, abused and convinced they aren't good enough to do anything more than "serve men". It's sick. Sad. Heartbreaking and I'm taking a stand to support Wellspring who focus on the restoration of the youngest victims (12-17).

Why am I sharing this? Because I'd love to see YOU there. Maybe you LOVE 5K's or maybe you've never run one before in your life.. this is your day. I'll meet you at the starting line and then we can grab a delicious breakfast afterwards. Deal? Simply head over to their website to register and learn more about their programs and how to get involved.