Sam & Neil | {Atlanta Engagement Pictures}

You're in for a special Friday treat I tell ya! This may be the most traveled couple I've met yet.. so clearly we share that passion. Then they have the cutest pup "Z" named for none other than Zach from Saved by the Bell. (one of my most loved tv shows), and our men both claim we kissed them first. Then they're just about as beautifully in love as they come. These two like to have fun, they aren't afraid of being goofy and sharing in loads of laughter.. like constant laughter. I would tell you their story but after reading it from Neil's perspective it's too good not to share.

"Sam and I met my freshman year in college. All my best girl friends went to UGA  and ended up living with Sam. We hung out a lot over the years, but never alone. Not last year but year before when I was touring the country she flew out and stayed at our house we had rented in Scottsdale for a couple days. (No I didn't even get a kiss…) She also met us in Miami on tour a month later… That Christmas my family and I went to Dominican Republic. Meanwhile Sams parents surprised her with a trip there as well last minute. She invited me over to her hotel on Christmas to "drink mimosa's." After a 20 min cab ride, I got there with no cell phone. I walked the beach for an hour looking for her. Finally I passed a girl that looked just like her walking by the pool… So stalked her and followed her back to her seat… "Hi, do you guys know Sam Kloster?" I got the "Who wants to know" answer… Finally the girl that was resting under her towel hiding her head pops out and it was Sam. I stayed for a little while… Still no kiss…

Finally, when we got back from Dominican ( we happen to be on same flight home… I still think she was stalking me ;) ) I was suppose to fly to Italy for the night on New years but I ended up missing my flight. I had just bought a new suit so I called Sam and said lets go on a date to a nice restaurant. I picked her up and we drank a bottle of wine… Then missed our reservation at Wisteria. Then went to three other restaurants that were only serving drinks. So by the time we finally go to top floor to eat we were in desperate need for food. (She kissed me first no matter what she says… ha.)

I woke up the next morning and I swear to this day… I woke up in love. She invited me over for a New years party that night… The rest is history."

Lastly, I'm most honored to have the opportunity to work with these two because they "fought" to make it happen. Sam and Neil went back and forth for awhile on who would capture their day. They loved the style of my work but I was "out of their budget". Neil has a passion for photography as well and knowing pictures were one of the most important things for them they moved things around, pinched some pennies and signed the dotted line. They've not only invested in me but trusted me with their wedding story and there's nothing more special, and no bigger honor than this. It's incredibly rewarding to know these two are going to cherish these images for days and years to come.

Thank you both for the afternoon, for the laughter and fun and tour of the beltline. :) Let's grab that Chinese soon!

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