Seeing Light Differently | {What makes me Different}

With the gray and drab skies and chilly temps outside I figured it'd be a great day to talk about something I absolutely LOVE and am missing today.. I get really excited when I see it's beauty and the life and dynamics Sunshine brings to an image and grow weary when days go by and all I see is gray skies and rain. While shooting some people may run for the shade but I prefer to embrace the harshest of light for I find the most beauty there.. in the sunshine. Beautiful gorgeous light- sunlight that is! I'm often asked what makes a good image or what makes my images different and one of the biggest things is the way I see light.

Light is one of the most powerful "tools" I use and best of all it's free! Over the years I've learned to not only see light differently but when looking back it was Cliff Maunter's Bootcamp a couple of years ago where I learned not to create these dynamic images by chance but to do it with intention.

I'm going to use a few of my most recent weddings and favorite images where we had a clear sky and sunny day that enabled me to create the type of images that set my heart on fire.

Ali and JD had the most beautiful day for their wedding this Fall. While I could have kept her and her dress in the shade I choose to place her in the light and create something dynamic and beautiful.


I love how SHE is the FIRST thing you see when looking at this picture. There's no getting lost in the surroundings here!seeing_light_differently_0002

Believe it or not this was shot through the windows of my CRV. She may have thought I was crazy when directing her while looking through the windows but the results is one of my favorite "creative" shots to date. This is all done in camera and there was no photoshop done in post. seeing_light_differently_0003 seeing_light_differently_0004

To share with you the difference.. this is an image that's equally as beautiful but it was taken in a more "shaded" area. You can see how the light is still pretty but more "flat" and they don't stand out quite as much as she did in the previous image. seeing_light_differently_0005

This one was taken with them placed in an area of light I find so pretty and fun to work with. What I love most about this is that this is what their picture looked like in the back of my camera. Magical. seeing_light_differently_0006

Carolyn and Nick had a gorgeous sunny day as well. This was shot out of the range of the direct sun. The Swan House is gorgeous but as you might begin to see the light is simply a little more flat. Pretty still but flat. seeing_light_differently_0007

Another one of the wedding party. seeing_light_differently_0008

This is another. We simply changed to another area of the house where I saw the light and may have even squealed. I love how naturally and totally in camera not only does every person in this image stand out but the bride and groom are even in a "spotlight". seeing_light_differently_0009

A few more images working with some yummy sunlight. seeing_light_differently_0010 seeing_light_differently_0011 seeing_light_differently_0012 seeing_light_differently_0013

Can you guess what type of light was used in this image? Direct or indirect? seeing_light_differently_0014seeing_light_differently_0015 seeing_light_differently_0016 seeing_light_differently_0017 seeing_light_differently_0018 seeing_light_differently_0019 seeing_light_differently_0020 seeing_light_differently_0021 seeing_light_differently_0022

One of my favorite images of 2013 here.

What do you prefer: A or B?


B. seeing_light_differently_0024

Audra and Wes opened up the 2014 season with a gorgeous Sunny day in Florida. It was truly a little piece of Heaven!

Again A or B?


B.seeing_light_differently_0026 seeing_light_differently_0027 seeing_light_differently_0028 seeing_light_differently_0029 seeing_light_differently_0030

Sometimes it's a mix and what I like to call "broken light". seeing_light_differently_0032

It was later in the day and much closer to sunset when we shot the wedding party together. I love these images but as you can see the light is much different than it was for the pictures we took that morning. seeing_light_differently_0033

and everyone loves a little washed out, warm and dreamy, sun flare late in the day! seeing_light_differently_0034Having learned how to harness the harshest of light during the middle of the day and still create beautiful imagery has allowed me so much more freedom when shooting weddings. No longer do I have to "run for cover" and try to find some shade. Shade and pretty backgrounds aren't always available within a reasonable distance on the day of a wedding. Now I always look for light first and the location comes second. Light and good light can make any location absolutely magical!

**all these images were captured as seen in camera. I don't use photoshop to add flare, depth, or the dynamics to the images I create and the ones shared in this post.

So what about you? What do you prefer.. direct or indirect light? Shade or the bright beautiful sun?