5 Years

  Today five short years ago the morning was more frantic and I was short on sleep. I’d stayed up until well past 3 in the morning writing my vows and woke bright and early to get my hair done. I remember pieces of that day so well and others have started to fade… but I do remember our First Look with the rain clouds looming overhead. The beautiful valley and a hayfield with a patch of grass cut just perfectly for us to be married in. I remember exchanging our vows and our first dance.

I’ve learned what love truly means and how much richer a marriage is when you intentionally put the other first and make time to do things together. Having multiple startups in this time hasn’t made this easy but it’s always been worth it. Your continued love and support has kept me moving forward at times when I felt like giving up and I’m so grateful you’ve picked me up and helped push me forward to become who I am today.

I’m thankful for you and can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

Just for fun here’s a few pictures I pulled together from the last 5+ years.. here’s to 5+ more…


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