Living an Intentional Life | {Making Dreams Happen}

A couple of months ago, while creating the new portrait website and listing the reasons why I wanted to step into the portrait world again, I took a few minutes and watched my "intro video". This led me to taking a real hard look at my life right now, where I am and the person I've become over the past couple of years- you know those time when you do a little self reflection- like really stop and reflect. You put down the phone, shut down the internet, pull out a pen and paper, maybe an old journal where you scratched your hopes and dreams for the next months and years and really reflect. At my core I believe with my entire heart in living a life that matters. I'm passionate about serving others and using my gifts to bring joy to others lives and leave an impact upon their hearts. I want to live a life that isn't one that's easily forgotten but that's remembered, at the end of the day I want to have lived a life with intentional purpose and that may inspire others to do the same.

In a world where our minds, attention and thoughts are pulled in a million directions at once it's SO easy not only to be distracted but to get discouraged and off track. That's where being intentional in making things happen becomes absolutely crucial.

I  love traveling- I mean who doesn't right? Get me past the act of getting to a new location (long security lines, undressing, redressing, baggage claim, fees, tiny plane cabins and the "safety speech" for the 100-----th time.) I love the adventure that comes with exploring a new city, state or country. What I enjoy most about new locations though is diving into the local culture, talking to the people and really getting to experience the culture, food and traditions that make their lives different from mine.

I realized looking over the past several years that I've had these dreams in my heart of things I want to achieve and do but I've set those aside for the never ending "to do list", building my business chasing the hope of being "a successful entrepreneur" (for whatever that really means, another topic for another day), and at the end of the day I realized my personal act of being intentional was pretty weak to non-existent. I'd started to say I'd do things but never took steps to make them happen. I'd share my  hopes, dreams  and ideas and yet become sidetracked from making these a reality.

I'd set the goals and passions of my heart aside and chased less important things and at that moment of realization I said- ENOUGH.

"Tessa- Re-focus. Re-group. Re-Connect with your heart."

In doing so I simply started making  daily effort to be intentional with small actions and commitments to bringing the dreams (big and small) to life. When opportunities present themselves I'm stepping forward rather than waiting until "I have more time".

Recently filming and releasing my Five Ten video was one of these goals. It's something I've talked about for more than 12 months and I finally got serious, set a date, lined up the models, booked the videographer and said, "let's make this happen". Do I regret it? No. Could I have waited until I had more time or more resources to put towards this yes... But would it have ever happened? Quite possibly- no.

I've committed to putting action behind my words and being more intentional with my friendships and relationships. When I say I'm going to do something or change something I want people to know that I'm serious. I don't want to be that person that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

I don't want to be just a dreamer but a doer.

This morning I took another leap of faith but followed my heart. It's scary as the finances aren't fully funded- it's a risk yes but I truly believe the reward will be far greater.

I'm going to Barcelona for 2 weeks. Yes- I'd almost booked the ticket for 8 days because I couldn't justify being gone from my husband, 2 dogs and business for 2 entire weeks.  But then I remembered this is why I intentionally took on fewer weddings- so that I could be available to serve, travel and do more. 

While in Barcelona I'll get to document life for several missionary families- creating physical photographs of their life stories to share with the world. I'll get to share the message of Five Ten Girls with the locals- most likely with a translator and then take pictures of these girls and give them the physical proof that they are beautiful just the way they were created to be.


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Exciting? Heck yes. Scary- yep that too. Worth it.. I'm confident it will be.

If I'm going to be asking to tell your story then I want to be intentional in the decisions I make that roll together to make mine. I want to lead and inspire you to be intentional with your decisions- big and small. To not only dream dreams but to take the actions and make the sacrifices that are required to make them happen.

So what's your story? What are those dreams hidden deep inside your heart you've wanted to chase but life has been holding you back?