Our Anniversary Shoot | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

Where to even begin... I wrote a short little ditty a few weeks ago reflecting while celebrating our 5th anniversary. I'll blog our little celebration maybe one day but today I wanted to share these pictures my friend Kayla was kind enough to take for us. Neither of us are "picture taking people" (just ask Kayla). I wanted to be sure to include Molly this time and get some in their element chillin' in the living room. Next we headed down to the river, one of the most beautiful places tucked away inside the city. It's the perfect little place to escape all the craziness that is Atlanta and just enjoy the beauty of mother nature. As much as I would rather be taking pictures I'm always glad that I push myself to the other side more often than not. It's a great reminder of how it feels to be awkward, nervous, self conscious and feeling 100% inadequate. Thankfully it's when we forgot about the camera and just enjoyed being with each other that the pictures came most naturally and not surprising those are the pictures that I love the most.

A special thank to Kayla for giving us these pictures. Some of our most favorite to date!

portrait_life_tessa_marie_0005 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0006 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0007 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0008

Maggie gives kisses as much as she can- clearly not the photogenic dog here.portrait_life_tessa_marie_0009

One of my favorites.. A smile on this guys face IN a picture! portrait_life_tessa_marie_0010  portrait_life_tessa_marie_0012 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0013

portrait_life_tessa_marie_0011 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0015 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0016  portrait_life_tessa_marie_0018  portrait_life_tessa_marie_0020 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0021

My Favorite:

portrait_life_tessa_marie_0023  portrait_life_tessa_marie_0025 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0026 portrait_life_tessa_marie_0027