Peggy and Russ II | {Smithonia Farm Wedding}

Oh my... so before we get started with part 2 of Peggy and Russ' wedding at Smithonia Farms, if you haven't seen part 1 be sure to check that out here. These two spent more of their dating years spanning the distance between New Zealand and Georgia. They met at Russ' cousin's place in Rome, Ga at a BBQ and before Peggy slipped away Russ was sure to get her number. He couldn't help but smile as he told me the story of the early dating years and how excited they were to no longer have distance separate them. To start their home together. Peggy is finishing up PA school at Duke University and Russ looks forward to starting his career here in the States. If you'd like to be notified when their pictures are ready to order/view please click here.

In the meantime enjoy part 2 of their wedding story. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0061 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0101 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0113 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0126

The reception was so beautiful. These buildings have stood since they were built in the 1800's and the beams are the originals- over 60ft long and held together with the same bolts they were constructed with. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0138

Even though they had a beautiful choreographed number the love they have for one another was seen in their expressions and they way they look at one another. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0139 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0140 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0141 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0142 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0143 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0144 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0145 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0146 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0147 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0148 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0149

They didn't have any "formal toasts" but Peggy's older brother who is currently serving abroad and couldn't be present for the wedding had a special surprise for his little sister. He'd arranged to have someone read a letter from him and a close friend of the family that is also serving on the same ship. I think he had everyone in tears. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0150 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0151 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0152 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0153 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0154 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0155 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0156 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0157 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0158 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0159 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0160

BandX was so much fun and even joined the guests on the floor for a couple of numbers. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0161 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0162 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0163 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0164 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0165 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0166

I love how their expressions mirror the other.smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0167 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0168  smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0170 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0171 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0172 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0173 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0174 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0175 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0176 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0177 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0178 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0179 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0180 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0181

Peggy and Russ.. Hold close to one another. Always choose to love and lean in together. I wish you all the very best in the years ahead and can't wait to see where life takes you. It was a true honor and delight to be part of your wedding day. Here's to many years of laughter and love shared together! Xoxo