Peggy and Russ | {Smithonia Farm Wedding}

This couple is a true testimony that love can span thousands of miles, and different continents. Distance indeed does make love grow and after waiting for months and even years to be married Peggy and Russ joined their hands and hearts together on a breathtaking overlook at Smithonia Farms. They were joined by family and friends that traveled from across the globe to a part of their day. Guests from South Africa, New Zealand and all across the United States. It was a treat to not only meet so many people from different parts of the world but to enjoy some pretty fabulous accents as well! Their ceremony started just as the sun started to fade behind the North Georgia hills and was filled with so much emotion and plenty of happy tears. Peggy rearranged her May schedule, changed the date she'd previously set when she discovered I was already booked and made her wedding work with my availability. This means more truly than words can express. She asked that her friends and family be captured in a very candidly rather than doing formal portraits- we spent the time after the ceremony with her and Russ running through fields and climbing atop golf carts.

A huge thanks goes out to my friend Kayla for flying in from Oklahoma to be my right hand and being my second photographer- oh how I can't wait to share ALL their pictures with you. This day was definitely one for the record books! (And in case anyone is wondering... yes I do travel!)


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smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0002 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0003 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0004 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0007 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0008 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0009 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0010 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0011 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0013 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0014 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0015 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0016 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0017 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0019

Thanks to Kayla for snapping the guys getting ready.smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0020 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0022 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0023 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0024 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0025 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0026 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0027 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0028 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0030  smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0033 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0034

smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0036 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0037 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0038 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0039

smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0035smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0040 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0041 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0043 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0044 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0046  smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0048 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0049 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0051 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0052  smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0054 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0055 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0056 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0057

Great shot by Kayla.


Even though Russ was pretty set on being 100% candid and not doing anything formal, posed or "made up... even when I asked them to do certain things.. They still brought their candid laughter, joy and expressive personalities into the shots and made them 100% unique and still very casual and candid. Oh and did I mention FUN too!smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0059 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0060 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0062

smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0136 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0135

smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0064 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0065 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0066

The ceremony location was absolutely breathtaking. The valley and view were SO beautiful. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0067 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0068 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0069 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0071 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0072 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0073 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0074 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0075 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0077 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0078 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0079 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0080 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0081 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0082 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0083 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0085

I just love this shot Kayla got and Russ' expression as he takes Peggy's hand from her Father moments before their "new family" having its official start. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0086 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0087 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0089 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0090 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0091 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0092 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0093 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0094 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0095 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0096 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0097 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0098

This may be one of my favorite shots to date. Such joy just moments after being announced as husband and wife.smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0099 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0100 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0103 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0104  smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0106 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0107 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0108 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0110 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0111 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0112 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0114 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0115

While Kayla risked life and limb to get this shot... (worth it right?)smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0116

I took this. (My second favorite of the day)


Another from Kayla's perspective.smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0118 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0120 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0121 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0122 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0125 smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0128

I can't wait to share part 2 tomorrow.. Filled with more pics of this beautiful couple and their reception filled with plenty of emotional moments, laughter and tears.


And since Kayla was awesome and caught me in action a few times I thought I'd share this.

I just can't get over that view.. I'd be happy to live in a tent right about where these two are standing and call it home. SOOOO pretty! smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0130

This one is slightly embarrassing but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get the shot.. In this case it meant getting pretty serious with the grassy field. smithonia_farm_wedding_pictures_0131