Willetts | {Smyrna Photographer}

It's always exciting when I'm asked to do pictures for other photographers. Once you're a photographer it can be quite the challenge to step on the other side of the lens and be the one that's being photographed. The biggest challenge I've found is to relax- to quiet your mind and just be in the moment. If you're like me, you're brain goes into over drive thinking about all the things you help your clients with- directing them and making sure they look their best. The angles, hair, accessories, posture, feet positions, and then what you should be doing with your hands. These two wanted some updated pictures that reflected them and their new brand for their website, but while I had them in front of the camera I made sure they also had some new pictures of "just them". They've been married for several years now and having pictures of where they are now and what life looks like today is equally as important.

Thanks for being so fun guys- it was truly a treat and you guys acted as if you were complete naturals being the subjects. 9_the_willetts 19_the_willetts 26_the_willetts 28_the_willetts 32_the_willetts 44_the_willetts 48_the_willetts  54_the_willetts 65_the_willetts

I love this one!


And the one on the right.74_the_willetts  91_the_willetts