Griffin and Killian | Southern Charm Engagement Pictures

Griffin's family has some deep history in the South. They have eight generations and counting that were born in Georgia and call it home. Her grandparents built a gorgeous Southern Plantation inspired home and with plenty of childhood memories of going to the farm it made a perfect location for her and Killian's engagement session. She left the South and ventured into Europe one Summer for a study abroad program where she met Killian. They were placed in the same travel group together and once he asked her on a date in Paris she knew he was a keeper. It wasn't because they were in Paris but the fun they had being together while feeling so comfortable with him from the very beginning. With their first dinner being in Paris and the night ending with a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower this guy set the "date standard" pretty high from the very beginning! I loved what she said about the wedding when I asked her what the most important part of her wedding day is, "The pictures! That's all you have left to remember your day."

So needless to say when I looked up her grandpa's farm and saw this beautiful row of trees I was sold. When I arrived and saw the fields, the trees and their absolutely gorgeous home and then met Killian and Griffin I knew this session would not only be fun but would soon become a favorite.

He joined the Navy recently and had just arrived home from Officer Training School so after being apart for 12 weeks with limited communication she was very happy to not only have him home but to have an afternoon to spend together. A huge thanks goes out to Killian and Griffin for braving the heat- it was quite steamy that afternoon but you'd never know it from the pictures! A very special thank you as well to her wonderful grandparents as well for the use of their gorgeous farm and treating me to dinner as well!

I can't wait to see these two again next month and meet the rest of their families as they join hands and get ready for the first chapter of their new lives together in Charleston, SC.


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