The Ladies of Foxhall | {Foxhall Sporting Club Weddings}

If you're getting married at Foxhall Sporting Club or you've inquired about getting married there chances are you've either talked to or met one of these beautiful gals. Last week I got to not only do a few head shots for them but each of them willingly participated in doing a Five Ten Session. We first had some fun doing pictures without makeup and then while I was shooting each someone they'd return to the office and get prepared for their headshot. I absolutely love the beauty and stillness at Foxhall and it was a treat to go out and spend the morning with these girls who are each just as sweet and beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside! If you love nature and want a setting that will take your breath away I can't recommend visiting Foxhall highly enough!

Here's Brooke:

tessa_marie_weddings_0228 tessa_marie_weddings_0233 tessa_marie_weddings_0236


tessa_marie_weddings_0241 tessa_marie_weddings_0243  tessa_marie_weddings_0253

And Kristen

tessa_marie_weddings_0261 tessa_marie_weddings_0264 tessa_marie_weddings_0265