Field Party | Foxhall Wedding Photography

While most brides elect to do a "bridal luncheon" Kara and Michael had another idea. They invited me to be a part of the fun and capture their "Adult Field Party" they hosted in lieu of the more formal and traditional pre-wedding activities. First you must know these two are competitive. Second, they're HUGE Georgia fans (hence the black and red). Third, I don't think the afternoon could have been any more fun or went over better than these games and activities did. From a sponge/water/bucket relay to cartwheels for the guys and crab crawling for the girls to a slip 'n' slide and tug o'war the black team seemed to dominate the afternoon but it didn't keep the red team from having an equally good time. I highly recommend doing something like this- So.Much.Fun! 1_field_party 4_field_party 5_field_party 11_field_party 15_field_party 16_field_party 19_field_party 23_field_party 34_field_party 38_field_party 41_field_party 46_field_party 51_field_party 53_field_party 58_field_party 61_field_party 65_field_party 75_field_party

This is what I'll title, "Mid-Flight"

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