From Tears to Photographs | Cancer Sucks

Last month I worked with the super sweet, beautiful inside and out, selfless, and talented, wedding coordinator. She brought Lindsay and Drew's wedding together at Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club and it was absolutely flawless. I followed up about the pictures about 10 days later and in the middle of our conversation she broke down into tears. Being her sweet self, she apologized profusely, not that I was going to judge or be upset for her crying... I only wanted to know what was wrong.

She went onto share how her mother in law had been diagnosed the weekend following the wedding we'd worked together (days before my phone call) and how it'd literally turned "life" upside down. A beautiful, healthy woman who went in expecting to get antibiotics for a "chest cold" was given the diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer. I sat there in my chair, fighting back my own tears as I simply just can't even imagine how life suddenly changed for them all- literally in that one word "cancer".

Tomorrow isn't promised but it seems like it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day schedules and demands that we don't tend to think about how life is ever so fragile and truly is a gift.

Cancer sucks. There wasn't much I could do sitting in my office chair but as she mentioned the road ahead that would be filled with doctor appointments and chemo, she also mentioned how their family was going to take part in apple picking and an afternoon in the mountains. It just so happened that I wasn't scheduled and instantly I knew my afternoon was going to be spent with this family and give them a gift that I truly hope will give back to them for years to come.

My heart, prayer and hope for this family is that Mary will win. She'll come out victorious in the fight and defeat the odds. Regardless of the outcome I know every person in these images lives have changed.

It was a humble reminder to do my best to make each day count. To make dreams happen. To not put off until tomorrow what I can do today- as tomorrow may never come. To put relationships before work. To spend time with people I love and care about. To spend less time being "busy" and more time being "present". To say "yes" to things that matter and "no" to things that don't. To make a daily effort to live a life where I have few "I wish I would haves" and more "I'm so glad I dids".

Here's a little peek into our afternoon. A huge thank- you to each of these beautiful people for allowing me to come be a part of such a special afternoon.

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