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A few drinks in, the dance floor is full and you duck into a black booth with three new friends. The curtain falls behind you and while you’re cheezing it up for the camera someone grabs you from behind. While trying to squeeze more than 4 people into a single picture things can get slightly awkward and if someone has had one too many they can get weird fast. It’s a night of fun until someone crosses the line but that’s not the only problem. You have more friends than can fit into the little black booth so what do you do?

You Get the "Party Booth" for your wedding or event!

1. It's elegant, "open air" and pretty even once it's set up. (No more black or red boxes sitting in the hall or tucked away in the corner) 2. You can either choose to use a pretty wall in the venue to reflect the atmosphere of your day or you can choose from various options that I provide. 3. Rather than squeezing 4 or 5 faces in an image now you can get up to 15 or even 20 people in a single image! 4. If you'd like to share a few words for the party host, bride and groom or birthday guy/girl you can using the "video" option. 5. These photos are professional quality using professional gear and can be reprinted up to 11x14 in size. 6. It's a fabulous alternative to "grip and grins", "table shots" and the guests have far more fun.

Each event will receive a custom designed memory template. (examples below)party_booth_strip

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