Sam + Drew | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Writing "APPROVED" was an easy decision he based on nothing more than the picture that was attached. He thought she was "cute" and she just really wanted to be a part of the Yearbook team. Hitting it off they became instant best friends but nothing more than that.
A few months down the road, seizing a window of opportunity while she was on a hiatus with her ex-boyfriend, he asked her to join him for an evening of fun. They explored Kennesaw Mountain, Subway and The Dark Knight. However it wasn't until college and when they both found themselves available that Drew confessed his feelings and asked her to dinner again. Though the choice for dinner and "first date" number two didn't rank as high on her list of favorites as their date in high school she gave him another chance, realized she had feelings for him two and not long after they became "official".
Just a couple of weeks into dating, it was on his grandparents place driving tractors and exploring local point of interest she had so much fun she didn't want to spend her "everyday" with anyone else but this guy.

This is so them. Happy and always smiling and laughing together.




atlanta_wedding_engagement_photographer_0034atlanta_wedding_engagement_photographer_0007  atlanta_wedding_engagement_photographer_0009 atlanta_wedding_engagement_photographer_0010




Another easy favorite

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Her ring is soooo pretty!




Did I mention they are daring and adventurous as well? These last two pictures wouldn't have been possible if they hadn't taken a little risk, did a little climbing and then perfected it by absolutely nailing the mood.