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This month we want to help you start the year off by getting organized as you’re planning your wedding or event. Get ready for some great ideas to help you reduce stress and enjoy the planning process as you move along through the blog hop.

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Though it'd be nice- life doesn't hit "pause" once you're engaged and wedding planning typically gets added to an "already overflowing plate".

I just wanted to say I'm here for you. I've been a bride, planned my own wedding and now I've been on the journey with countless others over the past couple of years. I'm excited to share my Top 3 Tips you can do to feel less overwhelmed, stressed and develop a strategy for moving forward.



Here's My Top 3 "Wedding Planning Tips"


    1. BreatheIn and out. Your wedding day may be something you've dreamed about for years or it could be that you didn't start envisioning it until you had a ring on your finger- either way it can still be overwhelming! It's easy to feel overwhelmed with being pulled in so many different directions from dates to venues, budgets to deposits, florists to photographers and guests lists to decor.What's important is you simply take your time.I suggest tackling one area at a time.As long as you're making progress you'll feel like you're moving forward and this time of "wedding planning" will become less overwhelming and more exciting with each decision you make.Carolyn_nick_anniversary_session_atlanta_wedding_photographer_0043
    2. Make a List Sit down and envision your wedding day and how you see it today. Then think about how you want it to feel and what aspects of the actual day you're most excited about why.Then think about looking back on your wedding day, years down the road and consider what you want to remember and what's going to be important to you then.Create a list wedding vendors/categories and then rank this list from high to low (in order of importance) according to what the first list you made.Spend accordingly.You'll find plenty of "Suggestions" for budgets in magazines and online but if photography and your DJ are the most important aspects of your day then this is where it is wisest to make your investment. If food and decor are your top 2 then that should be reflected accordingly as well. Suddenly deciding budgets and spending decisions are much easier and you'll know you're making decisions you won't regret!65_emily_chris_esession
    3. Continue to DateThe season of wedding planning can easily be one that's filled with craziness. Decisions, stress, deadlines, more decisions and little sleep. It can become all consuming. From your thoughts, actions, decisions, dreams, pinterest boards, google searches and conversations... and if you're not careful it can begin to consume your relationship and your life.Don't forget to have dates together where "wedding talk" isn't discussed. Remember to continue to pursue the one who has taken your heart captive. To continue dating. Do life as you did before there was that pretty ring on your finger. Continue in your adventures and the simplicity or complex structure of your "everyday". Plan about the future. Talk about marriage and discuss what you're going through in Pre-marital counseling.Carolyn_nick_anniversary_session_atlanta_wedding_photographer_0033

To view my favorite wedding day moments and memories click here. I'm a wedding photographer, based in Atlanta but find myself on the road for at least 50% of the weddings I shoot. To inquire about working together with me for your wedding click here.

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