Jonathan + Kristen || Stone Mountain Engagement Pictures

She's not only gorgeous and rocks the most beautiful smile but she caught his attention when he went to the bar for another drink and saw her in the midst shouting at the tv fully immersed in the basketball game. She didn't notice him at first as the game had her full attention, but he still said hello. They chatted and then rejoined their respective groups of friends.For her it was a slightly last minute trip with some girlfriends to Mexico and he happened to be at the same resort with some friends celebrating a bachelor weekend.

They hit it off that day he caught her acting as if she were actually at the game and not a thousand miles away... but after a long conversation that lasted hours they said good night and went on their way. They saw one another the next day but neither of them said hello. They hadn't really discussed staying in touch, hadn't thought to exchange information leaving them feeling like they were back in middle school the next day. Spelled: Awkward.

He left and while on the flight back home he just couldn't shake the feelings he had for this girl. She wouldn't leave his mind. So he did the only thing he knew to do... Facebook Recon or stalking.. Whatever you'd like to call it. He knew her first name and where she was from and on that 3 hour flight home he found her. Now would it be weird and totally creepy if he reached out to her and said hello? Unsure, he messaged his friend and shared the story and asked him his thoughts. His friend said, "Go for it, what do you have to loose?" So that's just what he did. Thankfully she didn't find it too strange and eventually replied to his message and so their conversations continued... Little did he know his friend was actually totally joking when he had given him the go ahead. Lucky for him it happened to be one of the best decisions and risks he's ever taken. Would they have ever guessed then  one day they'd become husband and wife!?

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The thing I love the most about working with couples is taking away all their "fears" and feelings of being "un photographic". There's no cheesy or forced "camera smiles" here. I just love how much fun these two are together... And this was just minutes into their session- they were already pros!


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So gorgeous!

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Love, love LOVE

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Soooo beautiful!

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Giving the "thumbs up" as he did after her proposed at the center of the Duke basketball court.

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"I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words."- Ann Hood

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So glad these two are getting married in March.. It's going to be the perfect start to the 2015 wedding season for sure!