Welcome to the Barre | Pure Barre Atlanta

So I've always enjoyed fitness, sports, and being active though I don't always keep up with making time for said exercises when life/work get busy. I'll admit I don't always have the dedication to go to the gym if I'm going alone. Snuggling with the pups make rolling out of bed to go get all sweaty keep the later from happening... That is unless I'm meeting someone (accountability anyone?) or it's a class or something I've committed to (once my wallet has committed so have I). Sad but true without one of these two factors it's a rare thing to see me at the gym. I've realized in order to do my best work throughout a wedding day and not feel every bone and muscle ache the day after it's incredibly beneficial to keep a workout regime in tact. Strength and endurance are incredibly important and until I started a season being fit I had no idea what I was missing!

Bring in 2015. I've contemplated trying Crossfit but it's a little intimidating and having not done anything that required cardio or weights in 10+ months let's be real- I've been quite intimidated from joining my friends. I also know myself and know that when I begin something I'm all in. Knowing I don't want the crossfit body or stance I decided to find something else.

Enter Pure Barre.

I'm lucky and have a studio very near my home so after watching numerous videos online and reading about others stories and experiences I signed up for a class and figured I'd give it a try.

What really intrigued me was that it's something completely different. No running, no real weights or machines. No box jumps. Could this really work? 

I was slightly- ok very skeptical at first. In fact the first class I tried I didn't even break a sweat and walked away thinking... maybe it gets harder..?? I went home, watched more videos and then called the studio to let them know I wanted to try it for a month. (They have a great intro special right now for your first month of unlimited classes) It couldn't hurt right and if nothing else it'd be a great way to establish the habit of doing something "active" on a regular basis.

Class two was completely different. Somehow it seemed like it was far harder and it happened again at the next.

What I realized was the more you go and learn the movements the harder each section of class becomes. There's always room for improvement and ways that you can make the moves more difficult so regardless of how "good" you become or the strength you build you'll always have room to push yourself harder.

It's 55 minutes of focus, determination, muscle shaking and building. The instructors are fantastic and they're very engaged with the class walking around and helping to correct your form (if necessary) to help you increase that burn.


I've been quite please and surprised with how quickly it seems I've seen a change in my body. After each set of exercises you stretch so while you're building lean muscles you're not becoming tight but rather gaining more flexibility. Within my first 10 classes I went from bending over with straight legs and not getting much farther than my calves with my finger tips to being able to touch the ground!




So this week will be the end of my first month. I've walked out with tired muscles from every class since my first and have grown to love the challenge and diversity in the workouts. While I may be hesitant to admit it (after being so skeptical at first) I've grown to really love the Barre and look forward to continuing to challenge myself in the coming months ahead!

If you're considering going or would like to see more of what to expect at a typical class here's a little video. If you're in the Atlanta area and attend please let them know how you heard about it! :)

If you decide to attend the Vinings location let me know- I'd love to join you!

Wanna see month 2 of my Pure Barre routines.. follow me on instagram.

For all my brides to be and expecting mommies or those of you who are teachers or serving our country- you should also know they offer a great savings for brides and mommies as well as teachers and soldiers.