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She sits on the sidelines as the Florida sunshine beats down. It's sweltering hot today as she waits for the moment he takes the mound. She shoots the breeze with her friends waiting for his moment to come. When his time comes, it's like time sets still. One, two and then he's pitched three and out. "Way to go babe", she thinks to herself. She lets out a loud cheer and breathes a sigh of relief as she sits back again, hoping he can do it again.  With each pitch she catches herself holding her breath and with each pitch that brings him closer to ending the new inning comes a new sigh of relief. Keeping it together and staying calm isn't easy when your bestfriend, lover and man you look forward to marrying is on the mound.

Long distance is tough. Each morning she looks forward to his texts, a sweet message that helps span the distance between them. Though distance may separate them, it's in the little things they do and share with one another, in their daily conversations or through the intentional texts they exchange their hearts continue to grow closer together.

They savor their time together knowing there's always another goodbye nearby. They await the day the time between those goodbyes is less than the days they have together. It's that day they both patiently await- together.

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