Kelsey + Steven | Sweet Meadow Farms Engagement Pictures

She had his attention at "Hello" but I have a feeling he noticed her from the moment she arrived. She wasn't expecting to meet anyone dressed in her workout attire, sweaty and tired from cheer practice she was just stopping by to help with the homecoming float but couldn't help make fun of his blue shoes. They are both sarcastic so their personalities pair well and in passing he jokingly said they wouldn't talk anymore since the float was done- so she gave him her number and said he'd be the reason if that were to be true. She left knowing this was someone she wanted to spend time with and learn more about. She's a patient woman and beautiful inside and out. They continued to talk and go on casual dates but it would be over a year before he'd be ready to make things official and call her his girlfriend. At this point she was already in love with him but waited for him to realize he loved her too. In all the dates and girls he'd meet he'd always want more time with Kelsey and could never shake that beautiful smile or the way she made him felt from his memory.

These two tie the knot in July at Foxhall and I'm thrilled to be there to celebrate the day with them. We headed out to Sweet Meadow Farms for their engagement session and I fell in love with the farm... it's absolutely gorgeous and Melanie (the owner) is sweet and accommodating. It was recently rated as one of the top 24 barn venues in the United States and it's right here in our backyard! (How cool is that!?) DSC_5619 DSC_5623 DSC_5654 DSC_5658 DSC_5805 DSC_5824 DSC_6224 DSC_6227 DSC_6235 DSC_6288 DSC_6316 DSC_6361 DSC_6433 DSC_6679 DSC_6725 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0001-2 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0001 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0002-2 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0002 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0003 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0004 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0005-2 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0006 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0007 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0008 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0012 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0014 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0016 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0018 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0019 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0020 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0021 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0023 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0028 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0030 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0031 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0032 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0033 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0034 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0035 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0037 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0039 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0041 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0044 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0045 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0050 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0055 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0056 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0057 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0059 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0060 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0061 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0062 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0064 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0066 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0067 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0068 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0069 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0070 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0071 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0073 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0075 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0079 sweet_meadow_farm_engagement_pictures-0082