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I met this gorgeous girl while I was in Spain last year (she was serving in Barcelona as a missionary at the time). She talked about this guy she was dating and how he was going to visit over Christmas. She thought they might get engaged when he visited but then she'd be home to get married in her hometown the following Summer. Sure enough the holidays came and while he was seeing the city his girlfriend had called home for the previous 10 months he took a knee in the rain and asked her to be his wife.

She'd reached out to me soon there after and asked me if I was available to shoot their wedding. Someone else booked her date and my heart sank... but then as fate would have it that date had a conflict for the other bride and once she rescheduled the date was open again for Whit. I'm SO happy I was a part of this beautiful celebration!

Her and her mama worked for months planning the wedding and their reception to be a fun "carnival" celebration. They had tents and stations set up outside with lots of games and all the favorite fried foods you'd expect to see going to the local fair or carnival.... it was beautiful and then the rain came.

The forecast was for a shower and sunny skies the rest of the day. Then the clouds rolled in and it became dark as night. Literally. It poured, the wind blew and it continued to rain. The clouds literally sat and circled for hours with no end in sight.

Yet Whitnye seemed unfazed. She smiled and remained focused on the fact she was marrying David, she had her family and friends from all over the world (literally) in attendance and that's what mattered most. The only exterior covered area was about 18" on the front of the church and so that's exactly what we made work. Cameras covered with repurposed dress bags we made it happen and went a dancing in the rain and rejoicing with this fabulous crew keeping our eyes and hearts set on making the most of the day for the bride and groom.

It was pouring while we shot the girls getting ready and her details. I found this little bitty window though in the church nursery and paired with a rocker, dress and accessories we knocked out some beautiful detail shots. Would you have guessed there were walls covered in nursery animals and the window was only about 12" wide!? :-D

Let's talk about these cougar print details. Loved it!

1_whitnye_david_wedding 3_whitnye_david_wedding


Whitnye has some pretty talented family members and they'd hung these black and white stripes in the sanctuary. What you don't see is the ceiling wasn't straight across so the math and straight lines that had to be sewn were worthy of a gold medal prize! Even Rachel- who loves math and physics was impressed. :-D5_whitnye_david_wedding 7_whitnye_david_wedding 8_whitnye_david_wedding 9_whitnye_david_wedding

This sweet girl came all the way from Spain to be a party of Whit's day. She was the flower girl and her daddy was in charge of making their union official. :)   16_whitnye_david_wedding 17_whitnye_david_wedding 18_whitnye_david_wedding 20_whitnye_david_wedding


21_whitnye_david_wedding 23_whitnye_david_wedding

Girl you were SO stunning! 26_whitnye_david_wedding 28_whitnye_david_wedding 29_whitnye_david_wedding 30_whitnye_david_wedding 31_whitnye_david_wedding 32_whitnye_david_wedding 34_whitnye_david_wedding 35_whitnye_david_wedding 38_whitnye_david_wedding 39_whitnye_david_wedding 40_whitnye_david_wedding  42_whitnye_david_wedding 43_whitnye_david_wedding

The guys came out and joined us in the rain. :-D 44_whitnye_david_wedding 45_whitnye_david_wedding 46_whitnye_david_wedding 49_whitnye_david_wedding 50_whitnye_david_wedding 51_whitnye_david_wedding

Loved this shot by Rachel. 52_whitnye_david_wedding 53_whitnye_david_wedding 56_whitnye_david_wedding 57_whitnye_david_wedding 59_whitnye_david_wedding

Sweetest little ring bear ever. He took a knee while delivering the rings. SO sweet! 61_whitnye_david_wedding 62_whitnye_david_wedding 67_whitnye_david_wedding 68_whitnye_david_wedding

The rain couldn't steal their happiness of being husband and wife! 69_whitnye_david_wedding 70_whitnye_david_wedding 71_whitnye_david_wedding 73_whitnye_david_wedding 75_whitnye_david_wedding 76_whitnye_david_wedding 77_whitnye_david_wedding

Oh my goodness.. in the midst of the wedding party pictures Whitnye realized this little guy had put his gum in his eyebrow. The stories you could create from this one image... haha

79_whitnye_david_wedding 80_whitnye_david_wedding

The rain broke, the grass was soaked and the ground was saturated but the sunset was gorgeous and these two got their feet dirty without a single complaint. Love them! 81_whitnye_david_wedding

Some candids from the walk back. Special thanks to Betsey for walking backwards with the flash. 84_whitnye_david_wedding

"Pause, I wanna shoot through this tree". One of my favorites from the day! 86_whitnye_david_wedding

So while we were taking pictures and Whitnye was getting ready they made the call to move everything inside. I have to say they did a remarkable job of transforming the youth room and bringing the carnival inside on short notice. 87_whitnye_david_wedding 89_whitnye_david_wedding

Everyone talked about how talented this guy is and how he can sing. He sang a special song for his bride and I'd have to say if they weren't going to Barcelona he might just have a future in Nashville.

91_whitnye_david_wedding 92_whitnye_david_wedding 95_whitnye_david_wedding 96_whitnye_david_wedding 97_whitnye_david_wedding 98_whitnye_david_wedding 101_whitnye_david_wedding 103_whitnye_david_wedding

The details of the room...323_whitnye_david_wedding 325_whitnye_david_wedding 326_whitnye_david_wedding 327_whitnye_david_wedding 330_whitnye_david_wedding 331_whitnye_david_wedding  333_whitnye_david_wedding 335_whitnye_david_wedding  338_whitnye_david_wedding 339_whitnye_david_wedding 340_whitnye_david_wedding 342_whitnye_david_wedding 343_whitnye_david_wedding 344_whitnye_david_wedding 345_whitnye_david_wedding 346_whitnye_david_wedding  348_whitnye_david_wedding 350_whitnye_david_wedding 351_whitnye_david_wedding 352_whitnye_david_wedding

12_whitnye_david_wedding  107_whitnye_david_wedding 105_whitnye_david_wedding 108_whitnye_david_wedding