Brittany and Kevin | Buford Engagement Pictures

It was one of those rare sunny days- it seems they've been like Gold here in the South! Rain is good but it's been putting a damper on sessions, there's only so many days in a month that you can reschedule shoots! :-D Brittany and Kevin will become husband and wife this Spring. I hadn't met them until this afternoon and needless to say after our time together... I can't wait to see them again in the Spring! (Sooner would be fine too!)

We met in Buford and walked around their historic downtown area and had some fun in the alleys- telling stories and taking pictures. The kind of thing you'd find yourself doing on any weekday evening.. Right?

Change of outfits and it was time to head outside town to a really neat building... And then I saw the sky shifting colors and I couldn't help but keep driving. Honestly I had my fingers crossed for finding a clearing with an open sky... But with nothing in sight I pulled to the side of the road. Kevin followed. I'm sure they both looked at one another with that, "I hope she's turning around" glance and when I proceeded to get out of my car and encourage them to do the same... They may have thought I was crazy. It's fair. We were in a road ditch. HUGE power lines overhead, a highway and a parking lot beyond that. A perfect location for some gorgeous portraits right!?

Well... Needless to say after spending the next 10 minutes with these two at sunset we scrapped Plan A and embraced Plan B and I decided when you make those power lines work for you.. they're not so bad after all.

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I had to start with one of my favorites from the night! (Special thanks to Christina for being my portable light stand. :) )

buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0001 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0002 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0003 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0004 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0005 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0006  buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0008  buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0010  buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0012 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0013 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0014

I love the image on the left. Something about it just speaks of their "everyday" and how she feels wrapped up in his arms. buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0015 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0016 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0017  buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0019  buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0021 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0022  buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0024

There's that building (that was Plan A). It made a great background for our Plan B.

buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0025 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0026 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0027 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0028 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0029 buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0030

Just as a disclaimer.. safety is always my top priority. The cars were much farther away than it appears. I promise! buford_engagement_sunset_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0031