Chelsea and Chris | Chastain Horse Park Wedding Pictures

Unwavering. In the midst of what was honestly the worst rainy day wedding I've been a part of Chelsea's joy and determination to make the most of her day despite what the weather they faced outside was unwavering. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck and in this case these two got enough to last their entire lives! We arrived at the hotel as she was preparing for the day ahead- she greeted me with a smile and her bridesmaids were super sweet and friendly as well! As I took a deep breath (my best efforts to disguise the internal stress I may have been feeling) we determined plans A, B and C for the day ahead and what we'd do if the weather gave way to sunshine or if we'd be dealing the entire day of rain. Regardless of what happens on the day of the wedding- I always do my best to take stress away from the day and make the most of it. Sometimes this is easier said than done!

The moments Chelsea shared with her daddy and grandparents were some of the most sweet, genuine and simply beautiful that I've been a part of. Sweet, endearing moments that will be cherished for lifetimes.

As Chris stood at the top of the aisle most eyes were on the bride- with the exception of Chelsea's mom. She gazed in admiration of Chris- the man who would soon be her son-in-law but most importantly, her little girl's husband.

The rain didn't let up- it was misty and wet or rather saturated all day long. Thankfully this wedding party was up for anything and everyone jumped out the party bus without any complaints and we dashed into the weather and caught sweet memories and moments of this crew. Making the most of it. The porch at the Chastain Horse Park became a huge blessing as it was covered yet there was beautiful light seeping in despite the constant drizzle. The space we had to use may have been limited but you'd have a hard time seeing the challenges if you simply saw their stunning portraits and the sweet moments they shared- all the while smiling. They had every reason to smile now- they were finally husband and wife!

The party went late into the night- the dance floor remained packed the entire night and the incredible band not only sounded fabulous but they entertained everyone as well! They played the entire night- once they were live when the couple was announced they played, danced and sang through to the very end!

Chelsea and Chris- thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your day with me. Thank you for your willingness to dash into the rain and in the midst of it all still smile. Love to you both!

2_Chelsea_Chris 4_Chelsea_Chris 6_Chelsea_Chris11_Chelsea_Chris

8_Chelsea_Chris 12_Chelsea_Chris 15_Chelsea_Chris 23_Chelsea_Chris 24_Chelsea_Chris 16_Chelsea_Chris 17_Chelsea_Chris 18_Chelsea_Chris 19_Chelsea_Chris 22_Chelsea_Chris 25_Chelsea_Chris 28_Chelsea_Chris 29_Chelsea_Chris 31_Chelsea_Chris 36_Chelsea_Chris 41_Chelsea_Chris 46_Chelsea_Chris48_Chelsea_Chris 49_Chelsea_ChrisA sweet, sweet first look for her daddy.51_Chelsea_Chris 52_Chelsea_Chris 53_Chelsea_Chris 57_Chelsea_Chris 58_Chelsea_Chris60_Chelsea_Chris 61_Chelsea_Chris

This girl has the most beautiful and genuine laugh. Love it.63_Chelsea_Chris 64_Chelsea_Chris

It was clear Chelsea has a special relationship with her grandparents. I'm very close to my grandparents as well so these moments were extra special in many ways. What I would have given to have moments documented like this on my own wedding day...67_Chelsea_Chris 68_Chelsea_Chris 69_Chelsea_Chris 72_Chelsea_Chris 73_Chelsea_Chris

Then when they thought I was done... 75_Chelsea_Chris 77_Chelsea_Chris

I thought this was a humorous moment captured by Rachel.74_Chelsea_Chris 78_Chelsea_Chris

82_Chelsea_Chris 87_Chelsea_Chris 89_Chelsea_Chris 85_Chelsea_Chris 86_Chelsea_Chris 93_Chelsea_Chris 92_Chelsea_Chris

She was practicing her walk. :-D95_Chelsea_Chris 99_Chelsea_Chris

A few last moments with her daddy captured by Rachel. 97_Chelsea_Chris 102_Chelsea_Chris 103_Chelsea_Chris 105_Chelsea_Chris 106_Chelsea_Chris 109_Chelsea_Chris 113_Chelsea_Chris

This might be my favorite photo from their entire day.114_Chelsea_Chris 116_Chelsea_Chris 117_Chelsea_Chris 118_Chelsea_Chris 122_Chelsea_Chris 123_Chelsea_Chris 129_Chelsea_Chris 133_Chelsea_Chris139_Chelsea_Chris 141_Chelsea_Chris146_Chelsea_Chris 147_Chelsea_Chris 148_Chelsea_Chris 150_Chelsea_Chris 152_Chelsea_Chris 156_Chelsea_Chris 157_Chelsea_Chris 158_Chelsea_Chris 163_Chelsea_Chris 164_Chelsea_ChrisThe rain that never went away...165_Chelsea_Chris 168_Chelsea_Chris 172_Chelsea_Chris 173_Chelsea_Chris 175_Chelsea_ChrisIn the way that he looks at her... 179_Chelsea_Chris 169_Chelsea_Chris 181_Chelsea_Chris 182_Chelsea_Chris 184_Chelsea_Chris 188_Chelsea_Chris 191_Chelsea_Chris 197_Chelsea_Chris 192_Chelsea_Chris 194_Chelsea_Chris 196_Chelsea_Chris 203_Chelsea_Chris 201_Chelsea_Chris 209_Chelsea_Chris 212_Chelsea_Chris 215_Chelsea_Chris 219_Chelsea_Chris 220_Chelsea_Chris 224_Chelsea_Chris 227_Chelsea_Chris 232_Chelsea_Chris 237_Chelsea_Chris 238_Chelsea_Chris 244_Chelsea_Chris 245_Chelsea_Chris 247_Chelsea_Chris 246_Chelsea_Chris 254_Chelsea_Chris 251_Chelsea_Chris 250_Chelsea_Chris 259_Chelsea_Chris 266_Chelsea_Chris 268_Chelsea_Chris 269_Chelsea_Chris 272_Chelsea_Chris 274_Chelsea_Chris 275_Chelsea_Chris 276_Chelsea_ChrisTo be notified when the pictures from Chelsea and Chris's Wedding Pictures are ready to view and order online simply click here. 

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