SarahAnn and Ben | Johns Creek Wedding Photographer

One would search long and hard to find a more endearing, compassionate, sweet and thoughtful couple than SarahAnn and Ben. I also couldn't dream of a better way to end such an incredible season than celebrating with these two and their families! SarahAnn knew even before she was engaged she wanted to share her day with me and friends- that means more than words can simply express. I may have known "the day" was close before she was even engaged and her sweet sister (whose wedding I documented last year) was monitoring dates for her little sis.. to ensure I'd be able to be there! Like- seriously!? I got to meet Ben at their engagement session and it was clear SarahAnn had found a man that not only loved her but cherished all the things about SarahAnn that cause her beauty to radiate from her heart. She equally admires her man and I know they're going to touch many lives as they go through life together.

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A huge thank you to the Hunt and Knepper families for entrusting me with such a wonderful and special day. May these pictures tell stories and bring back memories shared that day for many, many years to come. xoxo


I fell in love with this portrait of her parents the first time for Griffin's wedding. I loved it even more this time!5_sarahann_ben_wedding 7_sarahann_ben_wedding 9_sarahann_ben_wedding

Such FUN shoes!11_sarahann_ben_wedding 18_sarahann_ben_wedding 20_sarahann_ben_wedding 24_sarahann_ben_wedding 26_sarahann_ben_wedding 29_sarahann_ben_wedding

The bridesmaids exchanged notes, cards and a special gift for Sarah Ann. The next few pictures... :-D32_sarahann_ben_wedding 33_sarahann_ben_wedding 34_sarahann_ben_wedding 38_sarahann_ben_wedding 40_sarahann_ben_wedding

But really- how much more perfect could a "getting ready" space be? Not only is the light magical but there are so many special pictures and decor that naturally become a part of the images. My "40 year goggles" love things like this!41_sarahann_ben_wedding 46_sarahann_ben_wedding 48_sarahann_ben_wedding

I loved the next two shots by my assistants. 52_sarahann_ben_wedding 53_sarahann_ben_wedding

So sweet. 55_sarahann_ben_wedding 60_sarahann_ben_wedding

I thought this was a creative take by Rachel. 62_sarahann_ben_wedding

She got that while I did these.. the veil was previously worn by her precious mama and her sister. 65_sarahann_ben_wedding 69_sarahann_ben_wedding 76_sarahann_ben_wedding

Moments with her daddy.78_sarahann_ben_wedding 81_sarahann_ben_wedding 84_sarahann_ben_wedding 86_sarahann_ben_wedding 88_sarahann_ben_wedding 90_sarahann_ben_wedding 91_sarahann_ben_wedding 93_sarahann_ben_wedding 99_sarahann_ben_wedding

I loved that there were still a few leaves left in the trees... and it was sunny and warm in December!104_sarahann_ben_wedding

One of the sweetest first looks I've ever witnessed. These two are just precious. 109_sarahann_ben_wedding 122_sarahann_ben_wedding 123_sarahann_ben_wedding 124_sarahann_ben_wedding 127_sarahann_ben_wedding 128_sarahann_ben_wedding 132_sarahann_ben_wedding 133_sarahann_ben_wedding 135_sarahann_ben_wedding 138_sarahann_ben_wedding 142_sarahann_ben_wedding 145_sarahann_ben_wedding 148_sarahann_ben_wedding

A gorgeous shot by Rachel. 152_sarahann_ben_wedding

A tip for brides: Always have your hairstylist secure your veil with a bobby pin or two. Always. It'll prevent it from flying out in the wind or when creating shots like this: 155_sarahann_ben_wedding

159_sarahann_ben_wedding 164_sarahann_ben_wedding 168_sarahann_ben_wedding

Then there was this sweet, shy little flower girl. Needless to say she warmed up to the camera... and her spunky personality nearly stole the show!170_sarahann_ben_wedding 175_sarahann_ben_wedding

While I shot the girls Rachel and Samantha took care of the guys. :) 166_sarahann_ben_wedding 173_sarahann_ben_wedding 179_sarahann_ben_wedding 181_sarahann_ben_wedding 183_sarahann_ben_wedding 185_sarahann_ben_wedding 186_sarahann_ben_wedding 187_sarahann_ben_wedding 189_sarahann_ben_wedding 191_sarahann_ben_wedding

Carrying your dress is serious business. (I promise this wasn't staged at ALL!) 192_sarahann_ben_wedding 193_sarahann_ben_wedding 195_sarahann_ben_wedding 196_sarahann_ben_wedding 199_sarahann_ben_wedding

There was just enough light left to grab some shots at the church of these two.. 200_sarahann_ben_wedding 202_sarahann_ben_wedding 206_sarahann_ben_wedding


Rachel gets to hang back with the bride and her daddy in those moments just before the ceremony begins and things become really "real". Such sweet candid moments. 225_sarahann_ben_wedding

Meanwhile I was at the front of the church capturing the processional. 230_sarahann_ben_wedding 235_sarahann_ben_wedding

Her beautiful mama. 237_sarahann_ben_wedding 240_sarahann_ben_wedding 241_sarahann_ben_wedding 244_sarahann_ben_wedding 245_sarahann_ben_wedding 249_sarahann_ben_wedding 251_sarahann_ben_wedding

This is one of my favorite moments from the entire day. 252_sarahann_ben_wedding 257_sarahann_ben_wedding

SarahAnn and her sister's got to share their wedding days with their grandmothers but also their great-grandma. That's 4 generations of gorgeous women. 259_sarahann_ben_wedding 263_sarahann_ben_wedding 271_sarahann_ben_wedding 272_sarahann_ben_wedding 278_sarahann_ben_wedding 280_sarahann_ben_wedding 281_sarahann_ben_wedding

This is what a legacy looks like in flesh. Each of these beautiful women- so many stories. SO much love and they're all SO stunning!283_sarahann_ben_wedding

210_sarahann_ben_wedding 215_sarahann_ben_wedding 223_sarahann_ben_wedding 288_sarahann_ben_wedding 290_sarahann_ben_wedding 293_sarahann_ben_wedding 297_sarahann_ben_wedding 298_sarahann_ben_wedding 299_sarahann_ben_wedding 315_sarahann_ben_wedding 324_sarahann_ben_wedding 333_sarahann_ben_wedding