2015 in Review | Tessa Marie Weddings

Where to even begin... I'm slightly overwhelmed when looking back. I remember where I was at this point last year. Bookings came slow, the calendar was less full than it typically would be at this point... but I didn't panic. (Ok, maybe I had moments..) I've learned that it's so much better to wait for the right couples and be patient to see how and where they come from- than to race to filling weekends with "just another wedding". These stories are SO much more to me than that. I look back and see such growth in my imagery but more so in my heart and purpose and passion behind why I'm proud to be in this profession and thankful that I get to touch so many lives with a lasting impact.

Intentional: done in a way that is planned or intended

Over the past 12-18 months I've tried to implement more intention into the every day but also in my business as well. Honestly there have been far more failures than successes but I feel like this year with all that happened and all miles I logged on planes and in cars I can look back and see though it was crazy- things I'd wanted to do for years finally happened because of being INTENTIONAL in making them happen! I'll share more on the personal side next week as I share about my time in Thailand.. for now I'll regress to sharing about the moments that stood out to me over the past year.

It was a year of travel. I saw Florida, Texas (and then more of Texas), Maryland (2x), South Carolina, Savannah, Sea Island, Lincoln (Nebraska), Omaha, and Mississippi (a new one for me!) all because of these incredible couples and my little camera. Wow. That's a wild year right there folks!

I recently asked my couples to choose 1 favorite image and then share a little about why that particular photo stands out. Having to go through and try to narrow down my "highlight reel" I realized that may have been the hardest challenge I've ever given them. It's almost Mean... BUT I'm anxious to receive their responses and get to share those with you next month! :)

This picture embodies why I'm SO Grateful for my couples. The way you guys trust and respect me is something I'm humbled by and if it weren't for your trust and confidence in ME so many of these images wouldn't have been possible. So from the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU!


Ok.. prepare yourselves. You may wanna grab a box of tissues as well. If these images move you and stir emotion inside your heart.. and they're not even YOUR pictures... I'd LOVE to hear from you! Don't be shy- I'd love to tell your story... you can reach me here.

This boy is the Most Memorable RingBear of 2015. Hands down. Oh my goodness. The captions that one could write for this image. He took his gum out and stuck it to his eye brow... 79_whitnye_david_wedding

Moments like this that Rachel or Samantha were able to capture in those milliseconds before the doors open and a daddy looks over at his little girl one last time.... 106_Chelsea_Chris

Then there's moments that can so easily get lost in the shuffle of a wedding day.. like this. The FOB was helping the grandfather with his tie. 121_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings 124_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings

This is my favorite "Giving of the Bride" image. So MUCH emotion. 129_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

A couple of cool groomsmen. Such characters! 192_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 227_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

That moment when the FOB has a 10 second dance off.. then retires back to his seat. 273_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

Air traffic controlling on his wedding day.. not really but this one made me chuckle. baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0071

So as these two were announced their entire reception went dark (blown breaker). Epic moment. baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0135

For all the reasons I LOVE outdoor ceremonies.. at the top is my ability to quietly move freely. It allows me to capture sweet moments like this. callanwalde_fine_arts_center_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_outdoor_wedding_rainy_day_wedding_0065 foxhall_outdoor_stables_wedding_candid_moments_tessa_marie_weddings_rittenhouse_design_a_fab_event_0097 indigo_falls_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_Weddings_atlantas_finest_catering_Wedding_Angels_honeymoon_bakery_0230 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0021 smyrna_wedding_pictures_0005

This is an image that I can see this family looking at in 20 or 30 years and still smiling beautifully. This was Alina's day and her sisters and mothers shared in her excitement of the final preparations before getting the day started. ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0020

Just before the ceremony Rachel snagged this of the sisters. The emotion...ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0050 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0123

Then there was that time when the talented lady that created the "brand" for the wedding and all the stationary is a bridesmaid and brought fun elements to style the details shots. If you're getting married check this girl out- she's a master. 2_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

The best cake backdrop of 2015. Handmade flowers. So beautiful!12_whitnye_david_wedding

This particular photo is extra special to the bride on the right side it was shot through the lace of her mother's wedding gown. 13_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 14_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 21_whitnye_david_wedding 42_whitnye_david_wedding 53_whitnye_david_wedding

So this is "Most Memorable Flower Girl" of 2015. Yep. I could literally make a blog post of moments throughout the day of this girl. 1_sarah_ann_ben-3 38_sarahann_ben_wedding 193_sarahann_ben_wedding

Even after doing a first look SarahAnn was overcome with emotion as she walked down the aisle towards her groom. 244_sarahann_ben_wedding 1_summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church 2_kennesaw_garden_wedding 26_summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church

I loved this shot of Emily's line of bridesmaids Rachel got. I believe this was the largest wedding party of 2015. 29_summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church

Our feelings on the rain were pretty mutual. 44_whitnye_david_wedding64_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 70_cloister_wedding_sea_island_luxury_wedding_photography

This was my favorite Cake/Dessert Table of 2015. 89_kennesaw_garden_wedding 90_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings 98_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 113_kennesaw_garden_wedding

Love this. 131_cloister_wedding_sea_island_luxury_wedding_photography

Again those moments just before walking the aisle.. Rachel nailed it again. 136_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings 140_kristen_jonathan_wedding_bontanical_gardens 143_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

Or that time when I could have called it quits on the bus- but looked back and snagged this picture. Grandma and Grandpa (and their priest) waving bye to the wedding party trolly... 150_Chelsea_Chris 169_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings 212_Chelsea_Chris

Matthew- Opening a bottle of champagne isn't suppose to be that difficult! ;)215_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

Likely my favorite Night shot of 2015.227_kristen_jonathan_wedding_bontanical_gardens 276_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 305_camille_jonart_wedding 336_cloister_wedding_sea_island_luxury_wedding_photography 490_cloister_wedding_sea_island_luxury_wedding_photography

Best Exit of 2015.829_cloister_wedding_sea_island_luxury_wedding_photography baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0040

Then there are those unplanned- undirected- sweet moments that truly reflect the heart. This is one. baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0068 baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0083

Mama holding her boys tight as they all watched their Uncle marry RaRa. baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0110 baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0120 baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0137

Courtney brought her mother and grandmother's dresses. I loved this picture of her mother and sister anticipating the day ahead. brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0008 brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0022

Craziest sky of 2015. Yes this is 100% REAL. It was HOT and HUMID. A small price for an epic sky! brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0046 brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0072 brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0115

Brothers! callanwalde_fine_arts_center_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_outdoor_wedding_rainy_day_wedding_0041 callanwalde_fine_arts_center_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_outdoor_wedding_rainy_day_wedding_0090 charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0009 charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0026 charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0044 charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0053 charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0087

Jennifer wins for the most incredible DIY wedding.. likely of my career. Hefty statement- I know BUT every table was different and not a detail was overlooked. It was MAGICAL. charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0102 charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0124 cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0002 cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0018

Look closely and you'll see she wasn't alone. cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0029 cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0071

One of my favorite moments and images of a bride and her father. cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0075 cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0101 DSC_2673

Second favorite "Giving of the Bride" image. DSC_6412 DSC_9650-Edit

Ring Shot of 2015. I HATE spiders.. but when this guy paid a visit I couldn't help but make sure he was remembered. foxhall_outdoor_stables_wedding_candid_moments_tessa_marie_weddings_rittenhouse_design_a_fab_event_0008 foxhall_outdoor_stables_wedding_candid_moments_tessa_marie_weddings_rittenhouse_design_a_fab_event_0032

Bouquet of 2015. All the flowers were incredible, diverse and unique. foxhall_outdoor_stables_wedding_candid_moments_tessa_marie_weddings_rittenhouse_design_a_fab_event_0059

Mr. Hummingbird was the VIP. foxhall_outdoor_stables_wedding_candid_moments_tessa_marie_weddings_rittenhouse_design_a_fab_event_0098

Best Sky of 2015. It'd rained for 3 weeks before their wedding day but the skies held until we had finished pictures and were inside for the ceremony! indigo_falls_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_Weddings_0002indigo_falls_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_Weddings_atlantas_finest_catering_Wedding_Angels_honeymoon_bakery_0161 Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0051 Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0064 Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0069 Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0099

That one time when the late night snack was Legit Arby's Shakes! Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0109 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0008 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0082

"Wedding Day Hero" of 2015. When the rings get left in the car and it's not realized until you get to that point in the ceremony that you need them... your sister-in-law goes a running! (Still smiling too!)savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0087 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0115 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0137

We won't mention the "imperfection" on the right side of the cake right... Adam?? savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0161

This makes me think, "Hollywood". smyrna_wedding_pictures_0024 summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0010 summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0037 summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0067 summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0078 summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0095 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0026

Sweet moments again by Rachel. ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0049 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0071 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0121 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0138 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0146 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0147 64_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings 71_kristen_jonathan_wedding_bontanical_gardens 87_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

That time when Herbie Husker takes your camera... 258_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

So backstory: These two were killing it on the dance floor swing dancing. Swing dancing is something I grew up loving to do and at my wedding my brother flipped me.. dress and all. There may or may not have been a challenge but this wasn't the only time the bride went upside down! Don't worry Matthew- I'm sure Kyle will be happy to teach you his skills. OH and let's note.. he'd NEVER flipped her BEFORE! Haha.. That's what happens when your little sister TRUST you. :)265_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

This is my choice for "Ring Shot" of 2015. I knew I wanted a shot of the ring and the pup. I wish I could say I envisioned this picture but it was actually a "test" shot. A test shot that won over all the other "ring/dog nose" shots. It's the callouses in the bride's father's hands showing all the work that went into bringing her dream wedding to life and her late grandfather's ring her daddy happened to be wearing that day. This may be my favorite picture of 2015. Don't be surprised if you see it hanging in the studio in 2016. :)baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0018

So cake shots can be some of the most challenging. In this instance we took a risk and turned the cake around... risky yes. Worth it? Absolutely. (The other option was having the white tent wall as a backdrop with all the poles and pipes. Not pretty. at ALL). baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0140 indigo_falls_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_Weddings_atlantas_finest_catering_Wedding_Angels_honeymoon_bakery_0074 indigo_falls_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_Weddings_atlantas_finest_catering_Wedding_Angels_honeymoon_bakery_0191 Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0028 Puritan_mill_wedding_foundry_wedding_pictures_Tessa_marie_weddings_circle_of_love_weddings_atlantas_best_wedding_photographer_pictures_0035 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0004 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0032

That one time when it rains so much the ground is mud and there's really no sun so you're left with a parking lot. I believe I originally titled this image, "Making Parking Lots look Good since 2015". ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0072

LOVED this composition and shot by Rachel. ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0143

"Ceremony Picture" of 2015. It's that moment the sun broke through the clouds and you could make out the sun rays. baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0113charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0062

Those in-between moments... like the bride going back inside while her daddy stands and admires her. ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0041

Or when you get to shoot on the capital steps. (Yes again- that's the real sky!) 149_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 159_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures