Big Brother | Atlanta Maternity Photography

It's kind of a known fact that when you work with 2 and 3 year olds the clock starts ticking before you even get started! I love the challenge but more so the personality and spunk of seeing life through the eyes of a child. This session was no exception. I'm lucky enough to call this family friends and neighbors so we took a quick journey over to the river just before I left for Thailand and captured their anticipation for little bro to arrive.

Even if it was only a brief 20 minutes it may have been my favorite 20 minute session of 2015!

You'll see why- atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0005 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0006atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0008 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0009

Favorite picture.. "where's those pockets". :-D atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0010 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0011 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0012

You can see just how much he LOVES his daddy. atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0013

and his mommy.atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0014 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0015 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0016 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0017 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0018

Without a doubt these two are related. :) atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0019

Favorite image of the session. atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0020 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0021

At the very end we took a few minutes to get just a few solo photos of this gorgeous mama. Ohhh how I love them! atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0022 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0023 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0024 atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0025atlanta_maternity_session_fall_portraits_0027