The First Man in Your Life | First Look for Daddy

I mentioned in my "2015 Review" about how this year I became more intention than I even was before in thinking "long term" in the images I captured on a wedding day. In doing so we carved out a few moments on many days for the bride (and sometimes her family) to share with the important men and women in her life. Before becoming intentional about these times I found that these moments were missed as they'd happen from a distance.. they'd become one of those fleeting moments that wouldn't be experienced to the fullest.

I remember this Fall sharing with a father of one of my brides about just how sacred some of these moments are that I get to witness.. It's humbling and something I'm exceptionally grateful for. In return my hope is that in the photos we capture these families and these moments and the emotions experienced will be felt time and time again as they enjoy their pictures in the years to come.

Here's a few of my very favorites.

Grab some tissues.. you can't say I didn't warn you. 78_sarahann_ben_wedding 81_sarahann_ben_wedding 85_sarahann_ben_wedding 21_kelsey steven wedding foxhall wedding tessa marie weddings

A grand reveal for her big brother. 40_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

and then her daddy. 41_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 44_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 45_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures 49_lauren_matthew_nebraska_wedding_pictures

Of all the "first looks" this one was my favorite to date. She (Rachel) got ready in her childhood home and when she shared about her Sunday mornings with her daddy on the staircase.. there was no question as to where he'd be seeing her in her wedding gown.

I even asked for her to share the story for you...

"I guess you would say I grew up as your typical "daddy's girl" and would still call myself that today. Growing up, on Sunday mornings, I would come down the steps in my cute little church dresses and regardless the mood I was in my father would ALWAYS compliment me and tell me how beautiful I looked. 

He may not have realized at the time how special that would make me feel and how that is something I would treasure forever. For my wedding day I was fortunate enough to get ready in my childhood bedroom and have both ceremony and reception at my family farm.  With that, I knew I wanted to replicate that same moment I would have every Sunday morning with my father for my "first look."  This time it felt a little different, as I stood at the top of the stairs looking down at my father, facing with his back to me, a rush of memories and emotions came streaming through me.  I was sobbing and I could hear everyone else who was watching sobbing (Just like I'm sobbing while I write this).  I walked down the steps and about half way I asked my father to turn around, in that exact moment I felt like a was seven years old, no words needed to be said since the expression on his face said enough but my father stuttered out, "WOW, you look beautiful!" I wrapped my arms around him and held him tighter then ever. It was a moment that I will cherish forever.  To have that moment captured on camera is even more special.  When you look at the pictures you see every emotion that both my dad and I were feeling in those 10 seconds. Joy, excitement, love is viewed all over our faces and I get to look at those pictures and feel those same feelings I felt in that moment. Pictures are an extraordinary thing, they capture more then just a moment, they capture feelings emotions and can spark a memory.  I get to view our pictures and feel those emotions and for that I am truly grateful. "baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0028 baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0030 baltimore_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_fall_wedding_farm_wedding_tessa_marie_Weddings_0032

My second favorite was this sweet family sharing in Courtney's reveal.brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0025 brickyard_marietta_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_bouaktes_0027callanwalde_fine_arts_center_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_outdoor_wedding_rainy_day_wedding_0024

cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0011 cloister_sea_island_wedding_pictures_luxury_wedding_photographer_tessa_marie_weddings_0013charleston_destination_intimate_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0019 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_wormsole_elopement_tessa_marie_weddings_essence_of_australia_gown_0034

And then there are those moments that just after the dress is zipped that get a little extra emotional. summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0012 summerour_wedding_northside_united_methodist_church_wedding_tessa_marie_weddings_0014 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0022 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0023 ventanas_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_rainy_wedding_day_pictures_atlanta_skyline_wedding_0028

Loved this moment of Chelsea, her daddy and her mama. 51_Chelsea_Chris 55_Chelsea_Chris

Or how her and her mama are both wiping away the tears of joy. 58_Chelsea_Chris

Chelsea's face when her granddaddy came around the corner. 63_Chelsea_Chris 71_Chelsea_Chris

Just when he thought pictures were over....75_Chelsea_Chris

Then there was that morning that granddaddy got to see his little granddaughter as a bride. Oh my goodness. I'm super close to my grandpa and I would give anything... literally anything to have had a moment like this with him on my wedding day.

And then there are those moments towards the end of the night... 100% candid... that happen in the blink of an eye but are every so sweet and special. Like this one- in the middle of the dance floor his grandma came over. I don't know what words were exchanged but I can bet Andy still does.