Buying Your Wedding Dress

Last night over dinner with one of my sweet 2016 couples the topic of dress shopping came up. She shared about her experiences of going all over Atlanta searching for the right dress. How some stores would turn their noses up at the budget she had for her special dress and offer only the "Sale" rack while others would bring out a few options but assure her that she'd have to spend more to get something "better".

She had her mind set on this specific style of dress.. in her mind it's what she wanted but every time she'd try a dress on... something was missing. They were pretty but they weren't exactly didn't make her feel like she'd found the right one.

No less than 10 stores in and she finally landed at one of my favorite little shops in town. She explained what she was looking for and after going through why these dresses weren't the right dress for her this particular bridal consultant was honest with her.

She explained what type and style of dress she should consider based on her build and body type. Exceptionally hesitant at first she finally relented and tried it on.. and finally she looked in the mirror and realized this was it.

Reluctant to admit something so drastically different than what she'd envisioned was exactly what she loved... she went home and slept on her decision but ended up getting that dress.



I'd love to offer some tips with you today if you're still dress shopping or will be in the future.. tips to consider to ensure you'll love wearing your beautiful gown but that you'll also love your pictures and the way you feel wearing it on your wedding day.

1. Before you settle on "the dress" be sure to MOVE around in it! Bend over, sideways and backwards. Put on some dancing music and have a little spontaneous dance off.. relax. Slump your shoulders. Get a chair and sit down. Basically what I'm saying is make sure you still love it and it's beautiful when you're posture is perfect but ALSO when you're cutting it loose on the dance floor.


2. Strapless dresses aren't for everyone. There I said it. Yes they're beautiful but they're also much harder to wear. They'll squeeze you tighter and then loosen over the course of the day (specially in the Summer when it's hot and you'll be sweating) causing you to be pulling and tugging on the dress throughout the day. If you're typically more modest and don't wear low cut shirts, etc. in your daily life then you might want to reconsider wearing a low cut gown or sweetheart neckline. You want a dress that reflects you... while you want to feel sexy you don't want to feel uneasy about how much your dress now happens to show. Make sure there's enough boning and structure holding the dress up and supporting you. Your candid pictures will likely be the ones you love the most but they're also the ones where your dress may easily get "out of hand".


3. Work with a stylist who is HONEST with you. Who is more concerned with getting you the RIGHT dress for your body type of style than they are about how BIG their sale will be. 

I'm being brutally honest here.... but it's true!

4. Don't settle for a dress with flaws or imperfections or let anyone tell you.. "Oh well your photographer can photoshop it later".  That's what I'd like to call a RED FLAG!      Your dress will be EVERY PICTURE of you and your wedding day. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I can assure you, no one wants  to pay the bill for the time it'll take your photographer to go back through and "photoshop" the flaws, back roll, side roll, excessive cleavage, etc. from ALL your pictures. But you WILL want to love a picture and a moment without having to think "it'll be perfect once it's photoshopped." Wear something you love standing tall in and even bending from side to side in. A dress that's flattering from all angles. Yes I promise.. the perfect one does exist!

Did you have a good or bad experience looking for your own wedding dress.. or have some tips you'd like to add?? IF you I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!