Susanna and Pedro | Atlanta Engagement Pictures

They arrived with smiles- nervous smiles but they were excited, I could tell. She found me through googling for a photographer whose pictures she loved and one that could capture the essence of who they are.Needless to say- I'm pretty sure them +me were a perfect match. Serious isn't something they do. They've got that giddy kinda love. Giddy with emotions and excitement, lots of excitement! It wasn't long before we set their nerves at ease and they realized all they had to do was be themselves. To show up and be present in the moment. It was another exceptionally warm afternoon but we found enough areas of beautiful light in the shade and paired with their smiles and love.. it's pretty magical. These two met dancing. Her friend had slipped away and he seized his opportunity to say hello and strike up a conversation. They exchanged numbers but he waited a bit before he reached out and called. Fast forward several years later and they're getting married! I drove up to Chateau Elan to meet them- it's the place they got engaged and I've gotta say they made the drive 100% worth it!

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atlanta_engagement_pictures_0029 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0030 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0031 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0032

The trust my couples have in me is something that I wouldn't trade for the world. Sometimes I ask them to do some pretty crazy things- walk into creek bottoms in their wedding gowns or trudge through the pine straw in those beautiful heels but it ALWAYS results in beautiful pictures.

Thursday was a great example of this. I asked these two to sit on these stairs. They're SO pretty right!? ;)


This was the result: atlanta_engagement_pictures_0033 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0034 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0035 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0036 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0037 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0039 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0040 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0041 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0042 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0044 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0045 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0046 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0050 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0051 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0052 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0053 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0054

haha. those faces though! atlanta_engagement_pictures_0056 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0057 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0058 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0061 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0062 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0065 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0066 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0067 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0068 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0069 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0071 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0072 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0073 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0074 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0075 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0076 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0078  atlanta_engagement_pictures_0080 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0250atlanta_engagement_pictures_0259 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0261 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0267 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0275 atlanta_engagement_pictures_0276   Thank you guys for letting me share in a piece of your story and for sharing in an afternoon of fun! I wish you all the very best!