Katie and JD

She was in the gym at APP State doing a routine workout (as athletes do) and noticed him across the room. Noticed he was very attractive and being curious she asked her coach his credentials. Not really thinking much of it her coach then introduced them and she did all she could to play "cool" and not give away that she'd be crushing on him from afar. They played pickup games of basketball on multiple occasions before going on an official date and enjoying dinner and ice cream. He realized from the very beginning she was the girl for him but also knew there was a good chance he'd be moving across the country and he'd have to be leaving her behind. The thought of it made him sick to his stomach- could a new and blossoming relationship truly last and develop into something more given a thousand miles between two people...

They both share a love for Faith-Family and Friends (in that order). From playing sports, kick the can and being outside with other kids and cousins or siblings that's where their best childhood memories are found. Family road trips while flipping through her dad's CD collection and listening to old Country artists are something she loved while growing up surrounded by lakes and spending the Summer outside near or on them with his family was something he remembers fondly while being a kid.

His looks may have initially caught her attention but it was his heart, work ethic, determination and patience that's won her heart and affection. He'd describe her as being loving, compassionate and beautiful. One of his favorite memories they've shared together was coming to Atlanta the first time and meeting her friends and family and seeing her in her element surrounded by everyone she loved.

I'm beyond honored to celebrate with these two in July! I loved getting to meet JD's family and see where he grew up while shooting their engagement session in Minneapolis! Katie is the sweet sister of one of my favorite brides and getting to share the day with her family truly brings a smile to my face- simply thinking about it!


Thank you to Katie and JD for trusting me to document your story. I absolutely LOVED spending last weekend in Minneapolis with you and can't wait to see you two tie the knot in July!!! xoxo