Britt & Trav | Engagement Session

Where do I even begin... words fail me. These two. I remember sending one last email to Brittany- following up and then hearing back from them. Over Facetime we became instant friends. It was clear they'd met with numerous photographers- in search of someone who could capture their vision. Someone with a fresh clean style, vivid colors, contrast and reception pictures that captured the ambience of the setting but weren't too dark but also didn't wash out the up lighting and candlelight.

They'd been told, "yea that's my style" then seen pictures that didn't fit that vision but as soon as Travis started describing light and color of the pictures they were looking for I knew he was basically describing my work. My style. Relationships. Stories. Family. Candid moments. Beauty- the heart of why I love weddings.

These two love one another with wild abandon. After knowing them, hearing their stories and how they literally go to work and each time a call goes out they don't know what it will bring... left me walking away that night with seeing life in a new perspective.

These two see each day and every moment they share together as a gift. They're happy. They're dedicated and they are some of the most passionate and hard-working people I've ever met. They shared stories of when they made choices that could have easily left them facing serious injury or death... but that made that choice so the other person might live (even if he was the perpetrator).

They insisted this night to treat me not just to dinner but an experience at one of their favorite dining establishments in town. We shared stories, ate until our stomachs hurt and when the bill came and I insisted on contributing my share... he wouldn't have it. It was something they'd saved for, planned for and wanted to do to show their appreciation to me. He literally was about to take his shirt off.. unbuttoned all the way down.... until I relented and the waitress went running off to the register (literally)!

Britt and Travis- I can't even begin to express my appreciation to you guys for coming to Atlanta for the afternoon and for the treat of dinner (though next time it's on ME!) ;)

Thank you for your service, for waking each morning and putting your lives on the line to keep people like me safe. To pursue justice and make hard choices within the blink of an eye. Thank you for sharing yourselves, your stories, your passion for life and the love you showered on me. 1_britt_trav_esession4_britt_trav_esession6_britt_trav_esession8_britt_trav_esession10_britt_trav_esessionThose smiles and that light though..12_britt_trav_esession14_britt_trav_esession16_britt_trav_esession17_britt_trav_esession22_britt_trav_esession24_britt_trav_esession25_britt_trav_esession26_britt_trav_esession29_britt_trav_esession30_britt_trav_esession31_britt_trav_esession33_britt_trav_esession38_britt_trav_esession39_britt_trav_esession42_britt_trav_esession45_britt_trav_esession47_britt_trav_esession49_britt_trav_esession52_britt_trav_esession55_britt_trav_esession59_britt_trav_esession66_britt_trav_esession67_britt_trav_esession

ohh Travis...68_britt_trav_esession71_britt_trav_esession72_britt_trav_esession76_britt_trav_esession80_britt_trav_esession82_britt_trav_esession87_britt_trav_esession90_britt_trav_esession93_britt_trav_esession96_britt_trav_esession97_britt_trav_esession100_britt_trav_esession102_britt_trav_esession103_britt_trav_esession104_britt_trav_esession111_britt_trav_esession113_britt_trav_esession123_britt_trav_esession129_britt_trav_esession133_britt_trav_esession134_britt_trav_esession139_britt_trav_esessionOn the way to dinner we decided to make a stop by this park for the lake.. but then I saw this field and the light was incredible.. so we took full advantage of said field. #noregrets141_britt_trav_esession144_britt_trav_esessionBut like seriously!? 146_britt_trav_esession152_britt_trav_esession154_britt_trav_esession158_britt_trav_esession159_britt_trav_esession163_britt_trav_esession165_britt_trav_esession167_britt_trav_esession169_britt_trav_esession175_britt_trav_esession178_britt_trav_esession180_britt_trav_esession181_britt_trav_esession184_britt_trav_esession185_britt_trav_esession187_britt_trav_esession188_britt_trav_esession

My only wish was that we lived closer... the wedding and all that's ahead can't come soon enough!