The Day Finally Came

The day finally came. I gathered all 4 of my nieces and my nephew in the studio with their courageous and selfless mama for a day of pampering, hair curling and fun.dsc_8164 While prepping for the shoot little Miss Ryka sat on the couch and patiently waited. This girl is only 3 but she doesn't miss a beat. Everyone else was milling about and she exclaimed,

"I can't walk. Denalli can't either but my sisters and brother can". 

I stopped. Choked back the tears. She'd made the observation and said it so matter of factly.

Yet- It wasn't an excuse. She wasn't whining or complaining- simply stating the facts. A statement and just like- it was as if nothing had happened or been said and life was "normal" again.

Can you imagine being three and trying to reason and piece together why nearly everyone around you has the freedom of mobility and yet you sit there- 100% reliant on others

I can't. I know I'm not alone also in wondering why God blessed our family with these two girls and why he'd give any single family TWO special needs girls that can't walk and battle to enjoy the things in life we often take for granted.

I wonder if it was so these two could walk life together. They'd hold one another up. Encourage each other and have someone else to relate to so they wouldn't feel COMPLETELY alone. Someone to lead and guide, someone to hold a hand and say, "You've got this, I've been there too."

I've honestly never heard Denalli make a statement or observation but I KNOW she knows.

She leads on courageously because she sees this sweet little sister she's guiding along the way. 

I wondered when the day would come- when she'd notice that she wasn't like the rest and how she'd respond.

The day came. 

Nothing changed.

She continued to press on.

No excuses. No tears. No complaints. 

More smiles. More laughter.

More sweet songs.


If you've been a part of mini-sessions or have come into the studio then I want you to know in part you've not only supporting me but you're also supporting them.

Allowing them to find freedom and mobility in their specially fitted wheelchairs and keeping their power chairs (freedom of mobility) running and alive.

They inspire me. Life is always put back into perspective when I spend an afternoon or day with them and looking around at the world right now I really wish everyone could have just a moment with these two, (or children like them). You can't walk away from a conversation or time with them and look at your own life and feel so truly blessed and changed.