Maggie and Jacob

One is Southern by birth while the other- like so many of us moved South at some point during childhood. She grew up playing with her brothers and cousins and spending time with family while he attended sporting events with his family and re-enacting the highlights of their favorite games with his friends. He's the first person I've met whose favorite holiday would be long weekend to give that extra day of rest to recover from the kick off of the college football season and she's one of the only people I've met that admits to making S'mores in the microwave. College football is my favorite sports season of all and if I'm honest I've made S'mores in the microwave but also gave her insight into how great they can be on the stovetop too (when the campfire isn't available).. (maybe we have a real problem when it comes to marshmallows and chocolates..?)

They met while out with friends in Buckhead- hit it off from the start and had their first official day soon afterwards. That first date was no shorter than than an average work day but far more enjoyable for them both! They've enjoyed traveling together and even got engaged while driving down "the 1" between San Diego and San Fran!

She describes him as being outgoing, witty, loyal and a true gentleman. Doing errands not just for her but even letting the dog out for her mom when the need arises and doing sweet things or being goofy on the daily to bring laughter and joy to her life.

He would say they're very much opposites but it works and balances them in every way. He described her as being beautiful but somewhat introverted and enjoys that they can share a love for sports (watching, playing or being active together).

I can't wait to spend the day celebrating with these two next Summer!

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