Being a Wedding Photographer is...

It's more than just being in love with love.It's more than just beautiful details, gowns and smiles. More than just celebrating a special day.

I am a wedding photographer because I get to capture real moments of love, excitement and the details of these family legacies that make them beautifully unique.

Grandmas that are 97 and overcome with emotion as they tearfully see their little girl in her bridal attire and only wish their late husband could be there to see it too. A day she gets to see the joy in her granddaughter eyes, much like the joy she saw in her mothers eyes all those years ago. That look of admiration and love her daddy gives her mother as they celebrate this moment together. . . . To me, being a wedding photographer is more than being defined by a particular style or shooting to be published in a magazine. I'm there to tell stories of legacies. Love- new and refined.

To document this story for the next generation and the one yet to come. To paint a picture that will be a treasure for decades to come- and I can't imagine a greater honor in all the world than to be invited into these moments and these beautiful stories and asked to simply do just that.